April 13, 2010
By hazelquill8723 SILVER, Makati City, Other
hazelquill8723 SILVER, Makati City, Other
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Each problem, defined by another, has the characteristics of the good guy, and the bad guy. Each of which has a contributing conflict. In every word misunderstood, and every gesture perceived as something of variable consequence, there is still a truth in what might otherwise be considered one hundred percent false.

Not every “good guy” has ever done the right thing, nor every “bad guy” the wrong. The only difference between how their lives are defined is who they are surrounded by, and of what caliber of an affect any and all actions have made.

An act of gratitude, seen at the wrong stage or angle, will become an act of revenge or random violence. Caught in peripherals, a murder becomes a heroic sacrifice and tragic event. Sure, the gunshots may have been ruthlessly aimed toward the head, but what good would this person have been? Unable to defend themselves in the face of danger, after brothers and sisters are slaughtered around them?

A mass murder becomes a widespread euthanasia, a terrorist becomes a philanthropist with new, radical ideas that want to be heard by all.

Only when soldiers and police officers; men and women in uniform are constantly portrayed as merciless killers to the ignorant public, they decide to kill. Congratulations on the death of an enemy will cause such a riot. But what has the enemy done? Only as he is told, much like the man behind the murder weapon.

Enemies slain will only cause more damage to the mind, more reason for the conflict. Such hate and pain cannot be mended with the massacre of a hundred men, not a thousand, not a million.

Although the outcome at first seems bright, the only thing that is formed is a violence fetish. It is a quickly spreading disease, an epidemic with no cure. The idea seems preposterous, so we keep going, not noticing our friends and families and enemies turning into monsters that only mirror the dread in our own mind’s eye. And as soon, as you think that you will remain unaffected, the transformation has already begun.

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