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April 13, 2010
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Writer’s workshop is not always an easy task. Finding something new to write about everyday can be very difficult.

Every day I sit and think of something new, wasting time as if it were a game. Thinking this time could be used for something else, such as sleep. But truly the only real way to use your time wisely is to just sit and do your work.

The goals I set and what I have accomplished are far from equal. Time should be used wisely, for work and ideas. If only it were as easy as riding a bike. Taking off at first you may fall down, but the will you have to succeed is much greater than that to fail.

Then again it can be easy, for there is so much to write about. Thinking of how to start may be the confusing part. All you have to do is start writing. It doesn’t really have to make sense, like the piece I’m writing now. Just a poem or a short story, maybe some words down on paper and I would call it good.

Writing about your past and adventures can get old, I know. Poems and short stories can get boring, too. When all else fails, just start writing what is on your mind. Such as how boring or difficult what you’re trying to think of is. How annoying the person next to you is. Or even how you wish you could be doing something else like
playing outside and laughing with friends in the warm sun, or driving down the road in you truck with the windows open and the wind blowing through the windows and threw your hair.

Writers work shop is not an easy task. But buckle down and do your work to reach an easy goal. The harder you work, and more effort put in, the greater the grade and the more you will get out of it.

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