Animal Abuse

April 21, 2010
Imagine your pet being abused or even half beaten to death. This happens to over thousands of animals every day. Offenders are not just the poor and ignorant but as well as the educated. There are various foundations and organizations’ worldwide that are making effort to make a transformation and stop animal abuse. In my opinion as a person against animal cruelty, an animal has it’s own life, just as a person dose. An animal may not be able to speak and say, “Stop please don’t hurt me…” but that dose not mean that a person should abuse an animal or any animal at all. Animal abuse, I relieve, that people abuse animals because either they had been abused themselves or grew up round abusive parents ect. Assisting to preventing animal cruelty would change the way other people think of animals and help stop animal abuse.
Animals are found every day half beaten and seconds or even minutes away from death. As many people may know that two great powerful help are P.E.T.A. or ASPCA, these two associations help animals get a new home and families. Cruelty to animals is effecting the animals to show self-defense towards people. Laws have been implied to prevent cruelty to animals, I believe that it has had an impact but there are still more ways to impact to make a bigger change. It is not the animals fault that they are homeless or have abusive non-caring owners. Domestic violence is directed towards the powerless, in this case, the animals.
Just the thought of an animal being abused is a horrible thought. Citizens that can recognize these animal offenders report them to animal control. An animal dose not know why they are being abused, they want to be loved and cared for. So ask your self, “is animal cruelty really necessary ?” or is it just a defense move because a person dose not know the value of an animals life. In my point of view animals are like people, because they can not talk dose not make them any less than us, not abusing one animal can make one huge difference for another animals life

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