Teen Pregnancy

April 19, 2010
By Anonymous

Many teenagers, actually all teenagers want to “live in the moment” during their lifetime. We do not realize the consequences that come with that. We try to live life to the fullest, from sneaking out of the house late at night, to going to parties and getting drunk and we end up living with tomorrow’s regrets. High school girls are typically the ones that are risking their reputation by getting pregnant.

During high school, girls don’t normally think about their actions until they realize their mistakes. Also, parents should not have to worry about their children misbehaving when they are out with their friends or boyfriends. Teenagers nowadays have raging hormones and that can be confusing and can potentially lead to mishap if they are not careful, such as getting pregnant. It is not only about being careful, but being smart as well. Any girl can say they are “in love” with their boyfriend because they are talked to in a very sweet way that takes their breath away. Once girls let guys get to them, the guys eventually see a girl as “easy” and a way to get into their pants.

Pregnant teenagers are usually frowned upon by society because of the fact that they are supposed to be role models to their younger sisters who have not yet reached high school. Teen girls are not ready to be moms when they are only kids aw well, and there is also a high possibility that the babies will come out unhealthy and not fully developed.

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lalala23 said...
on Sep. 22 2010 at 9:21 pm
that waz true about that whole easy and getting into there pants so that waz very good


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