Ten Speed Bike

April 19, 2010
“Like a ten speed bike, most of us have gears we do not use,” is the intelligent, yet true statement Charles Schulz said. I think that this quote means that we all have abilities and skills that we do not use like a ten speed bike. My brother learned this when he joined soccer. Austin though he couldn’t make the travel team because he wasn’t good, but after tons of practice he realized he did have skills, so he began to turn the gears on his bike.

Austin said his muscles were like rusted gears he hadn’t turned in a while. Always set on the one gear called “failure”. He really wanted to make the travel team so he turned them one more notch up and started to practice more at home. He learned his abilities at scoring and handling the ball was excellent for a beginner. Step by step, gear by gear he began to make progress.

When Austin realized he was good at soccer he began to turn his gears up. He practiced more everyday and gradually he got better, turning his gears up every so often. Because he knew to turn his gears up and find his secret abilities, Austin became one of the best soccer players on our block.

When the tryouts came Austin played his best. Like reaching the top of a steep hill on gear ten, Austin made the travel team by revealing his hidden talents. He succeeded in turning his hidden gears, when he thought he couldn’t.

To me the quote “Like a ten speed bike, most of us have gears we do not use” means that we all have hidden talents, that we fail to reveal. My brother, Austin, was able to reveal his hidden gears and talents when he began playing soccer. I think that if all of us use our gears, we can accomplish more in life while learning what our secret skills are.

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