Fear itself

April 7, 2010
By Biscoff BRONZE, Cottonwood Hieghts, Utah
Biscoff BRONZE, Cottonwood Hieghts, Utah
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There are two things in the world in which I most terribly fear. Though these fears reach deep into my very soul and bring out a secret side of me, I hope I will never have to encounter this persona . In this state in which I am the most terrified I will have to persevere like I have never done before, life as I know it would flash before my eyes in a series of flashbacks as I recalled the little bits of life that I had learned to ignore, before long I would snap to reality and face what was truly happening.
The first of these fears is my worst, this Autophobia or "fear of loneliness," would bring me to ruin and would make me question life itself. The reason why I fear this so is because life without other people could not possibly be life at all. I would miss those that I hated and yearn for those I had loved. In this state of forever loneliness I would have to learn to do things without any help at all and would be thrust upon the burden of being the last of my species. This is the fear that most affects my emotions and strikes me as being excessively cruel.
My second of these emotional monstrosities is Phagophobia or "fear of being eaten alive," would be a physically terrifying experience of massive proportions. Imagine to be so helpless and so vulnerable so that you were being eaten by those in which you disregarded as being minor creatures. This fear relates to my fear of being ripped apart as you would be seeing what is supposed to be unseen and hidden being torn apart and rendered useless to the point of physical death. If I were to be eaten alive I would want to feel the pain because if not just imagine how unreal and unnatural it would feel to see the flesh being torn from my helpless body but, not to feel what is happening to your physical form. This fear that most affects my physical being would bring me to insanity.
So as you can see my most horrifying fears have been revealed as those of an extreme nature. Autophobia is the fear of being alone and that is my worst fear of all. Phagophobia is my second worst fear and a gruesome one at that. So these are my fears and they are here to stay.

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I was suppposed to write for a school assignment but i thought it sounded good so i put it on here

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