More Drops in the Puddle

April 11, 2010
By xoxorosey4u BRONZE, Randolph, New Jersey
xoxorosey4u BRONZE, Randolph, New Jersey
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Our world has everything it needs to make someone happy. It can be the eye-popping newly improved technologies, shopping malls with myriad of clothes, or the sweet desiring treats that satisfies everyone. On top of all that, there is something stronger that over powers all the man-made objects built to satisfy the human minds, it is the people themselves and the way they act while contributing to make the world a better place. What is needed more of in the world is a drop of positive thinking in the human brains, courage for people who are struggling, and especially a blob of kindness scattered throughout the sea of people like shooting stars. With more of those, people can change a saggy lifeless frown clinging onto the reluctant faces to a bright- sunny- side- up smile to anyone. Changing someone’s day into a meaningful one, can turn your heart warm and complete. “A smile a day keeps the frowns away.” However, the world is just a small puddle after all.

To begin with, every year people ranging from 16- 40 years old, commit suicide which decreases the world population by 3.5%. Every day, every hour, every minute, family members and friends gather sorrowfully for arranging funeral plans, shedding down the tumbling tears, while clinging onto each other expressing sorrow painfully wondering why the person decided to leave the grounds of the earth. Why do people commit suicide? Blame the lack of self confidence and positive thinking that cause these reckless tragedies. One of the reasons are, students experiencing on the field of school, work and tests, find that their stress is building tensely on them. A while later, they seem to collapse like a brick building without a foundation, so they just simply give up. Without thinking they have a strong potential in their inner-selves, they don’t want to move on in life so they end up committing suicide. In these devastating tragedies, things can be handled differently causing a better ending. People should tell themselves that in order to succeed, they can do it and should believe in themselves. To prevent this, people should be more optimistic and seek help to turn struggling situations into I-can-do-it positive attitude. When their minds gain full self confidence, it functions the human body to try even if they don’t succeed. Thinking positively provides a healthy mind and a healthy life.

Additionally, courage is a necessity that each individual should gain throughout their life time. Every once in a couple of days, a month, a year, there seems to be times people can’t find their courage to succeed. They usually tend to be scared they won’t be able to accomplish it, feared to take the path of hard work obstacles, and worried about the possible outcomes. For an example, right now I am deciding my future classes that I would take for high school. I am longing to be in honor classes and double up in 2 subjects. However, what is holding me back is the lack of courage I have to achieve straight A’s in honor classes. I am afraid and fearful I would bring home low, mouth dropping scores while I am taking this complicated path. What will happen if I take this risk of being in honor classes? Can I even handle this? Thinking negatively would just put me down. Therefore, I seek that bold piece of courage I know I have and apply it to my self esteem so I have the strength to not fear the requirements for reaching my goal. I tell myself, “There is no place to stop, no place to give up, and no place to hide, but the time has come to take a new path.” Courage is like a battlefield. In order to accomplish the goals, people need to be brave, and undefeatable. If my feet are planted onto the ground, nothing can push me down.

Last but not least, kindness is what makes life have purpose and a heart-warming smile across someone's face for eternity. Kindness is like peanut butter jelly sandwich. In order to make a delicious meal for lunch, sweet ingredients have to be added for satisfaction. Everyone contributes by donating money into charitable funds, caring for the elders and seniors, and volunteering in soup kitchens, community services, etc. Therefore, people join hands (like the peanut butter, bread, and jelly) to create a better world (like the complete delicious PB&J sandwich). Each morning, everything starts out as a here-we-go-again day. However, what can change the mood of a person is a drop of love like falling raindrops shedding from the sky. A benevolent person would stop and pick up a pencil that someone dropped, or maybe even hold the door for an old hunched lady. Every tiny movement, every smile, every "thanks" here and there that is showing the kindness, can provide the person with a happier delightful day. It can also make yourself proud and glad that you have done a good deed. "Love and kindness are never wasted. They always make a difference. They bless the one who receives them, and they bless you, the giver."

In conclusion, positive thinking, courage, and kindness make the world more of a better place to be in. There would be more happier faces and cheerful smiles everyday. The world started out like simple puddle. Every drop of water shooting down from the sky, contributes to the small helpless puddle. As more drops fall, the puddle will become bigger, bolder, and stronger. Once, it was just a puddle. Today, it has become a stream, a lake, and finally, an ocean.

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