April 1, 2010
By Anonymous

I believe that we do lose touch with the natural world due to digital technology. In this generation we are more focused on beating a video game than going outside to play a game. Sitting in front of the television is more entertaining than running around getting exercise. In their defense people are now buying a game console known as the Wii. They have an exercise activity called Wii Fit; people who think they’re out of shape use that instead of going for a jog around the block. Exercise is important if you want to be healthy, but people shouldn’t depend on a gaming activity to make you get fit. On the other hand cell phones are a huge part of a persons’ life nowadays. People can’t go a day without texting or talking to someone on their phone. Those who say they don’t need cell phones / iPods / iphones etc, are just lying to themselves. Although the TV/ radio are a form of entertainment, people don’t go out to ride their bike or go fishing as a kind of entertainment. Computers are making things so easy for a human being who can’t figure it out for themselves. All of this technology is something we can’t run away from or ignore. It’s in everyday life, although people are becoming more lazy and dependent to do everything for them. It’s something natural for a person to do in this time. It’s not something that’s good for a person to do but it’s useful and entertaining.

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