Should Sexually Active Teens be forced to ues Birth Control?

March 31, 2010
By naebhadd BRONZE, Jersey City, New Jersey
naebhadd BRONZE, Jersey City, New Jersey
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Pregnancy, HIV, aids, and other sexually transmitted diseases are common risk of unprotected sex. Teens now-a-days are sexually active, so the question is should these sexually active teens be forced to use birth control? My answer to the question is NO! I personally think the whole idea is a waste of time. Honestly I believe teenagers who take birth control are poisoning their blood streams with pointless medication.

Birth control prevents teenage girl from becoming pregnant (sometimes) but is that really enough?? It doesn’t prevent HIV, and t doesn’t prevent STD’s. So I ask you guys what is the point???

Some who might not agree with me might say that I’m wrong and that birth control is safe, but I see it as if I’m saving lives. Statistics show that most teens that start using birth control stop after about 2-3 months. So do you still think this is the best way to practice safe sex?

Teens are dying day after day because the media poisons their minds and they believe that birth control is the safest way for being safe while having intercourse. Well they’re wrong! Birth control is a worthless, manipulating drug that cons teenage girls into thinking that their partners dot need condoms. No teen should be forced to use birth control but should always put safety first.

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on May. 4 2010 at 11:04 am
SunShineSparkle BRONZE, Orange, California
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dude teens arent gonna let them selves be forced to take birth control anyways, oh and i do believe birthcontrol is safe.

on Apr. 10 2010 at 11:53 am
toxic.monkey SILVER, Tashkent, Other
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i don't think you can make claims like this without citing a medical authority or a doctor at least. who dies from using birth control?or do they die from HIV/AIDS and other STDs? make it clear or else it's just a rant.

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