March 26, 2010
By Anonymous

Ahhhh what to write about how about.. No.... What about.... Nah, what could I write about? Ahhhh yes I know what to write about a quick story of deception and lying.

They say it’s a sin to lie or to manipulate but a sin that nobody cares about everybody lies sooner or later at the early ages to get out of trouble and you lie your way out so you don’t get grounded or the older ages to tell your wife or girlfriend that she looks lovely in “that” but you don’t really know if she does. You are just telling them something they want to hear so that you can make her happy but thats all lying has become... To make the person feel better but it’s hard to be truthful it hurts if you say the truth and it hurts more if you lie and then tell the truth. And it’s not even other people we lie to our selfs to make each other feel better and thats the thing you have to be careful about you lie to much and you will start to believe your lies so the moral is...

“lie if you must but try not to”

Yours truly,


The author's comments:
I wrote this because i was caught in my own web of lies and now i publish this so that people like me and you don't make the same mistake... It started small and became big.

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