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March 25, 2010
By larry BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
larry BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
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Another 1

A mother sits idle in fount of the church facing an open casket and tears are tumbling down her frail cheek she faces her only daughters laying corpse. Another victim to the media. Months before her self implemented death the child appeared normal to the outside eye. They never saw the insecurities that lay within her mind. A girl once bright and full of light started getting insecure, something witch sadly was ordinary for those near her age. Constantly you’d find her in the mirror for hours without end spotting out invisible faults. She compared herself to those models she saw on the runway. The food she once consumed now disgusted her. Each day she found a reason not to eat “I’m not hungry she said” and each night she knelt down facing the toilet as her finger crept down her throat. The bitter acidic fluid invaded her mouth, she quickly got used to the taste. Each day her stomach growled in hunger but she trained herself to go without the much required nutrients. Her identity started to fade just as her body. The sickness took over and one day she just fell. There they discovered her on the aisle of her routine cold and breathless. And her mother left lacking a daughter just cries “that’s all she’s able to do’’. She lost a precious child, however to the media she’s just another stupid girl who got caught up in an idea.
Another casket in the dirt
Another 1 to forget

Across America millions of girls strive to achieve the perfect standard of beauty .On no account realizing these principles are nearly impossible. No one has yet acquired the so called “perfect beauty” each place you travel seems to have different standards but the same problem persists throughout these different areas. Wherever you travel you will always find girls who have some type of insecurity. It does not seem to matter how attractive the world tells them they are or how much beauty she observes in the mirror there’s constantly the unfathomable emotion that something has to alter. “Should I dye my hair, is my nose towide, are my breasts to small, is my skin ugly?”These questions are asked by almost all girls at one point of their life when they look in the mirror each morning.

In a study on fifth graders, 10 year old girls told researchers they were dissatisfied with their own bodies after watching a music video by Britney Spears or a clip from the TV show "Friends" (Mundell, 2002).80%of ten year old girls in America are already dieting.
Our media conveys to them that having an ultra thin body is normal and attractive. “Skinny is in and being tan is perfect” they promote these ideas not taking on account what influence it may have on the daily public.

If you take a leap across the ocean it would seem as though you were on a completely different planet. The design of the perfect girl takes a drastic change. Their media transmits a different message to these girls. In Thailand some say having paler skin is beautiful and those containing tan complexion are signified as being poor and hard working because their skin has been damaged by the sun. While watching the price of beauty on VH1 one night I discovered this lady who attempted to lighten her complexion using a cream her friend suggested. The cream had a malfunction it lightened her skin just as she desired but as soon as she stepped into the sun her skin burned and started peeling off. Before this incident the lady was a beautiful nightclub singer who loved to be on stage but now she lives sanctioned away from the rest of the world because she is ashamed of her skin. A price she had to pay trying to acquire this so called perfect appearance.

In Thailand there also lives this tribe of women who bind their necks with coils of gold chains to look pretty the amount of coils you have on your neck is to represent the amount of money your family withholds. These women endure much pain with these chains because they way down on your shoulders. They do not seem to care for the reason that these chains make them stunning.

Everywhere around the world the media transmits these different images and girls fall directly in a daze. Never realizing the standard is unrealistic until they put themselves in this predicament where their body is put in danger. Maybe that’s the limit each girl should take herself to so her eyes could finally open and realize lies the media has brainwashed them with. Each girl in my opinion has her own individual beauty and no one can obtain a so called perfect buety.

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i was influenced to write this piece because one of my friends who a beutiful girl decide to start making herself throwup because she thought she was too big

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larry BRONZE said...
on Apr. 8 2010 at 9:14 pm
larry BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
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