Body Image And The Media

March 25, 2010
By Kinni.Bear94 BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
Kinni.Bear94 BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
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Skinny! Skinnier! Your to fat, your to skinny these are the words the media throws at us every time we turn on the television or open up a magazine. How do you then choose a body size that is right for you? Most people can’t because there basing it off of what some celebrity looks like. Well wake up world it’s the 21st century your body is yours not someone else’s. I oppose starving yourself to look good. Or believing size 2 is the only real size. We’re going to discuss the different unhealthy body images, along with why people are willing to change it natively. Lastly we will talk about how to change your body in healthy ways to get to a happy healthy body weight.

The media talks about how Obesity is on the rise. Obesity is not just affecting one minority or group of people. Who is to blame? Well it’s the fast food company’s with the unhealthy food that they sell and promote for people to eat. It’s also the people’s fault with being lazy. Here is the cause and effect if someone buy’s junk food. Goes home sits in front of television and does nothing after eating there BIG MAC. That one meal is not going to break down and make them obese instantly. No, no it’s like process of constantly eating junk food and never take the time to eat healthy. Along with exercising those extra calories off, well why then are our little children growingly becoming bigger? Because they no longer want to go outside and play, they rather stay inside playing video games. Anorexia is one of the highest food eating disorders for teen girls. Anorexia which is where people starve themselves, Anorexia usually begins in young people around the onset of puberty. The reason that it is hitting young girls is because they believe they “need” to be one size. Why would they think that they all have to be one size? Because of television along with the super models they see on the television promoting one thing. All of these disorders seem to end the same two ways. Death from being skinny and under weight or being overweight. The last is illness from many different diseases like diabetes.

If you’re like me your curious about why are people trying to change their body in such a quick negative way? A main reason is our media, they promote celebrities and models that all seem to be no bigger than a size 4. All of these people that are being looked, up to seem to be flawless. But when our media catches them at a bad point there burned. This is all that is seen if you’re not like them then you’re not perfect. It can’t be easy being some who is middle weight not too big or small to see these girls that are under weight and to think “Am I fat? I wear a medium they wear and extra small.” Sometimes shopping is the most horrifying event that teens go through or even older women. Sometimes it’s just wanting to lose the weight but not going about it the proper way.

So let’s get fit but let’s do it in the healthy way I am going to take this step by step with you on how to get healthy and the proper steps to doing this. First thing that you would need to do is talk to your Doctor about what you’re proper BMI Body Mass Index is and what weight loss plans there is that can work for you. A second type of health professional that would be good to talk to is a nutritionist that way you can set up a proper diet plan to go along with the exercise plan you with probably form with yourself and maybe even a friend. Don’t forget EATING RIGHT and EXCERSING is the key to success here. If you’re like me you don’t want to be alone in this fight to get healthy. Why not try a work out buddy like a friend or your significant other. Even if you are a loner and you don’t want to work out with people. Tell your friends and family so they can help keep you motivated to keep going with your goals.

All of this is why I do not support what the media promotes for body and self image. This Promotion of a “Certain” body type needs to stop and I will firmly believe till I have been shown differently. Have no fear though there is hope out there certain companies that promote being “too skinny” like runway models are setting regulations on weight and BMI. Remember your body is yours and yours alone don’t change it to fit someone else’s stands. Make it what you want it that way it’s a happy healthy body. That will thank you many years down the line.

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Because, as a teenage girl i have had to struggle with my body image and how i feel about myself. I also many of my friends struggling to.

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