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March 25, 2010
By angel gomez BRONZE, Oelando, Florida
angel gomez BRONZE, Oelando, Florida
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Today, the lure of Video Games runs rampant with children and adults alike. The adventure, thrill, stimulations captivate you because you never see yourself in these situations in real life. The never ending distraction of life will always be in front of you and you’ll never see how you willingly rot your mind and life away by endless hours of video games. Playing video games drastically and negatively shape the lives of today’s youth. It makes the user want to play everlasting hours and neglect everything in life in pursuit for a higher score.

One of the most non-educational creations known to man is video games. People that play games always put games before anyone, everything and person. For instance, from personal experience, when I arrived home from school, I drop my back pack and rush to my room to play “call of duty” for the rest of the day. What did I accomplished I asked myself, nothing absolutely nothing at all. Homework isn’t stared, and what incorporated into my mind is undoubtedly a concern to my parents. They worry I get more violent as time passes with my eye glued to the screen. This game also destroys the mind leaving no trace of former sanity and replenished with thoughts of disobedience, corruption and attitude.

Time is something once lost, can’t ever be recovered. When your parents tell their children to do their chores, they don’t because as hard as they try to stop they can’t. The time that should have been spent on studying to pass his or her classes is being used to play games. As well as time wasting, your friends become a figment of your imagination, contact is lost with them. On top of all this everyone is mad at you, because you’re dedicating all your time to a metal box and you wonder why they’re mad.

You know how the phrase goes “smoking kills” well it’s the same for video games and not in a literal way, but in a social way. Playing is addictive to those who don’t have a strong will power, which most people don’t have. Once you start the only way to stop is if there’s a power shortage. Sitting in front a screen all day does cause hazardous to your health, such as your eyes vision will get terrible. In addition, depending on the type of game being played the mentally of an under developed child changes as I did. Changes from a healthy, caring-well being into an impassioned, rude person that laughs at killings and slaughters that occurs in games and unfortunately in reality.

Even though video games are fun and fill in as a reward for hard work. They play a bigger role in society and it’s in plain sight. These games have no purpose; they turn us into brainless, antisocial children. A sheet is pulled over our eyes and blinds us by making everything seem right and humane. Video games are a waste of time, time you’ll never get back.

The author's comments:
my grades have slipped ever since i got hooked on a video game and if i didnt have the strong will power to get off my grades would be horrible!

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