Teaching Evolution

March 25, 2010
By Sabrina Hamel BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
Sabrina Hamel BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
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What is evolution and how does it affect our world of being human, animals, and plants? I do not agree that it be a part of school lessons because it is merely a theory. This theory has been the number one controversy in science for the last 200 years. Although these theories have never been proven, people still hold on to, hoping after years and years, these theories will be successfully a part of the science that we know in the 21st century. There are several theories that Darwin jotted down, that came to mind about the way people might have evolved. Darwin implied this but never proved it.

We first need to go back 200 years, when a man named Darwin believed that the world was once a red-hot mass that cooled over billions of years. All of a sudden the world had just what humans needed to survive, such as oxygen and food. Suggesting that we became living, breathing species out of a simple cell. This would be the cell called bacteria. He believed that the cell was very elementary. Back then he did not know about DNA. Scientists have proven in the last few generations that DNA is far from being elementary or simple. Actually there is so much information in these cells that it surprised the scientists. Most scientists have strayed away from the evolution theory just on this fact. A pinhead can hold enough information to go from the earth to the moon 500 times. Scientists now understand that there is no way on this earth, that people could come from a bacteria that has no brains to function. Since DNA has been proven to be a very complex organism, this theory is out.

The ‘natural selection’ is a part of the evolution theory as well. In this theory over the course of time the bacteria, that has no brains to think, is suppose to pick and choose what stays in the course of genetics. In this process it eliminates inferior (disadvantaged) species. If this were true, how is bacteria or smaller insects or animals still in the genetics course? Selecting only the strong and keeping out the lesser. This theory is wrong because we still have inferior animals and insects and also some people.
This theory would be like domestic breeding. When breeding an animal, it does not change into a different animal, it stays a dog or whatever animal is being breed. Natural selection is defiantly a theory in crisis because we have made many discoveries in the last 50 years in the subjects of molecular biology, biochemistry, and genetics. Natural selection has to be eliminated from this theory because bacteria have no brains to pick and choose. Also cannot change from one subject to another.

Creation is characterized by a Supreme Being forming the earth from being void and without form to a habitable place for humans to live. With the most perfect atmosphere to the animals and plants that are all over the earth. This is almost the same theory that Darwin used in his observation of how we arrived on the beautiful planet. Atheist’s do not believe that God is real and that creation is not a part of the human race. The Bible being 1600 years old has a lot of information about being created and how we came to be. Assuming that the only we were put on this earth is either Creation or Evolution, which makes more sense? You have to believe in one or the other. You could make up your own theory, but just like Darwin’s, that all it would be is a theory. In the Bible, God usually does not explain most subjects right away, the story of creation is very clear to read it and understand it. How could Darwin’s theory be right, when the Bible’s explanation has been around for much longer?

“Some warm little pond” is also one of Darwin’s theories. This is where life came from a non-life. Scientists definitely disagree with this. The fact is that people cannot come from something non-living. Life is supremely more complex than Darwin ever imagined. There was the “Miller-Urey” experiment that was a failure. This is a process which scientist tried to create an organism without oxygen. When people ended up on earth, there would have to of been oxygen for us to survive.

Evolution not only involves science, it also includes philosophy, morality, social science, and religion. All of these are touchy subjects and cause conflicts in the human race. We do need to have our best judgments at hand when deciding which theory or what the truth is about where we come from. We did come from somewhere. How will you decide? I’m sure glad I was created by a Supreme Being. Naming God as my creator, makes me feel much better.

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