Learing About Sex

March 25, 2010
By Jessica Carter BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
Jessica Carter BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
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Wouldn’t you agree that education is vitally important? However, academic subjects such as English and Mathematics are not the only important lessons to be taught in schools. One form of education, I firmly believe should be taught is Sex Education. It is an important subject that all students should learn about in order that they can be aware and more informed before having intercourse. Students should begin studying about sex in the sixth grade, and continue all throughout their school years.

It is very important for kids and teens to know about sex. They should know that sex is for reproducing; making babies. Having intercourse is not to do just to have pleasure in “doing the nasty.” Kids and teens should know that sex is for someone you love and want to be with forever and have children with. Those are the proper reasons to have sex and to decide to do it. And kids and teens need to learn that in order to be smart about their decisions.

Being smart about sex is the number one part of sex that students in school need to learn about sex. Being smart and safe is the first importance when have intercourse. So many people in this world are being diagnosed with Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs). The cause of this is being careless and not using protection to keep safe and clean. Using a condom is the smartest and most effective solution for staying clean. They are 99.9% effective and that is a lot more help for saying clean than not using one at all. Students need to learn that it is also the healthiest and most responsible way to have sex.

Responsibilities also come with having sex. If you have sex and get pregnant or get an STD what are you going to do? If you are a kid or teen and decide to have sex and get a STD or become pregnant that is a big responsibility and not easy to deal with. Most kids and teens are not ready for that so they need to know that, that is what can happen and to either not have sex at all or be responsible and use protection. Responsibilities are a big importance of what needs to be taught in schools.

In conclusions, all students from sixth grade and beyond should be learning about sex. Most kids and teens are clueless about the education that comes behind sex and only familiar with how to do it and that is not how it should be. They should learn about sex education because it’s important to know, they need to learn to be smart, and realize the responsibilities that come with having sex.

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