Body Image and The Media

March 25, 2010
By Alaayfia Mason BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
Alaayfia Mason BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
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Don’t you think being ten years old is way too young to be dieting? Nine times out of ten they’re their perfect weight anyway. I believe that ads have and will always be the main reason as to why teens alter themselves to be the “ideal image”. This definitely needs to stop. Advertisements are extremely persuasive and can ruin adolescence self esteem when men and women are portrayed in an impractical way. This also kills the confidence that everybody – especially teens at that point in their lives – need.

It is a shame how women are depicted in commercials. Women are often acting out material that is seductive or even a little raunchy. Seldom do you see women in a strong, powerful business role. Everybody is created equal right?! Then let’s turn things around and the images that are linked with women. Furthermore, time and time again you constantly see thin models in advertisements. You almost never see a model on the thick side. For instance, in the modeling [advertising] industry, ladies that wear pants a jean size of 9 and up are considered plus size models.

Believe it or not, men and boys are affected by these very persuasive advertisements also. For men, they’re often advertised big and strong and muscular. You see this in sports ads, clothing commercials, movies, everywhere! This does nothing but prompt young men and boys that they must be identical to those advertisements. This, in numerous ways, can destroy the self esteems of both genders. Let me explain furthermore.

Seeing all of these images from the media of how you’re “supposed to be” causes teens to feel like they’re not desirable. For example 80% of 10-year-old girls have dieted before in their lives. Not because they were actually overweight, but because they feel as though they weren’t what many of us call the ideal image. A striking 8 million women suffer from bulimia and anorexia because of the same objective and 90% of these cases occurs with women. With bulimia or being anorexic it’s taking the means of wanting to lose weight beyond satisfactory. Everyone on earth should not feel that they’re not good enough because of some advertisement that displays otherwise. This impairs the confidence of many and provokes insecurity.

All in all, the media and what it presents projects endless representations of how men and women should be. They affect both men and women, and extinguishes the spunk in everyone. These troublesome ads must cease before all of our men and women self destruct. They’re everywhere and you cannot hide from them. If the world continues this way, what will be the point in having your own personality?

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