U.S. The Big Brother

March 25, 2010
By MizzyMike BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
MizzyMike BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
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The sound of emptiness distills my exhuberent spirit. I was standing at my neighborhood placid as a river, not knowing what to do, for I was stricken with sadness and my psyche vacuous when I saw my friend on the ground begging for help. Many evocative thoughts ran through my mind and one (sad to say) was committing suicide when I saw 3 bullets pierced on his chest. This is not a hypothetical situation, it happens on a day to day basis and it is something that hurts the U.S. I strongly believe that in order to be a better country we need to remove possession of guns from everyday citizens.

Everyone is in search of that golden bullet. Daily I see people buying books with titles like “How to get built in two months,” or “How to lose 52 pounds in a year,” but if you are seeking for the key to peace and happiness then we need to start abolishing firearms. I know people say it’s for their safety, but I ask you what is so safe about guns. All I see in them is the power to make people cry, die, and lie. Not only that but not many people are responsible. The acts of our inhabitants are very depressing. I feel their brains are so infinitesimal that I struggle to find that the best colleges are in the U.S.. So I believe in order to stay the best we need less weapons to citizens and more to responsible people of authority.

United States of America we need to watch out for the overpopulating country called China. I personally believe if they were to declare war we would be in deep trouble. Statistics show that China has over 1.8 billion people. We won’t be able to stop them all we can do is increase our population and strengthen our military, and guns are not helping. How can we increase our population when we are against each other, supposedly brothers, shooting one another? How can we lead when we have nothing left to lead after this generation? These are some questions we need to ponder upon America, in order to be the best we have to have the best.

In a nutshell, we need to be a better country and one step to get there is to eliminate armaments in the hands of irresponsible people. One thing we don’t need is unnecessary shootings in this country, and we are the leaders, one of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council. I mean from the point of view of others the U.S. is like the father of the other countries, the place were they can come and find refuge, highly thought of, and beloved by all, it would sadden me to see this reputation goes down because of something as simple as controlling guns. So what do you say America how about eliminating guns!!!

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