Cell Phones Not Wanted

March 25, 2010
By oakridge-kid BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
oakridge-kid BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
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Everywhere you go people have this special technology, cell phones in their pockets, on their ear, or in their hand. The question is should they be allowed on school grounds. Cell phones are the best technology device invented and they allow for instant communication and should be allowed on school campus grounds.

First, most importantly I believe cell phones should be allowed at schools in case of emergencies. In an emergency cell phones will and only be the fastest way of communication for help. For example, let’s say the school was under attack. Students would have to wait until an adult to get courage to pick up their classroom phones and dial 9-1-1. If cell phones were in the students hands it will be right there at their pockets.

Secondly, cell phones should be allowed on school campus because the use of it after school. Kids use their school a lot after school, probably to talk to friends or just to take pictures. If the school board was to Bann cell phones what would kid’s do after school. Some kids don’t go straight home after school anyway so they would need their devices. So it just doesn’t make sense to stop kids from bringing cell phones all the way.

Lastly, I understand that a lot of these kids take advantage of having cell phones next to them in the classroom, but an alternative solution to this problem could be stop letting kids bring their devices in test areas. These devices can really disturb other people in the same classroom taking their test. So I believe that should be the only place where cell phones device should be banned.

To summarize, cell phones are a great piece of technology and to stop them from being in school is a bad decision so I strongly agree having cell phones in school. Students need them in case of emergencies, also the use plentiful use of them after school, and if students do take advantage of them stop the use of them in certain areas like test areas. To some kids cell phones are their lives so why take their lives away from them. You will be flabbergasted by the amount of kids that depend on their cell phones to control their daily activities.

The author's comments:
Well when i chose this topic.I was very intrested into it because i was a kid and i wrote it from really my point of veiw

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