Should the society do something about inappropriate moves and or commercials?

March 17, 2010
By tifftiffrox BRONZE, Wexford, Pennsylvania
tifftiffrox BRONZE, Wexford, Pennsylvania
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In my experience, I have seen very inappropriate commercials popping up on television. Movies are getting worse by the minute and young people are constantly spouting out inappropriate slang and terrible words that they watch from both commercials and movies. Should the society do something to cut out the inappropriate commercials while still rating the movies but monitoring what they sell on VHS or DVD?

I believe that it is bad enough as it is that young children are using bad connotations from the movies and commercials they see popping up on television and in the movie theaters. I mean, I know our country can be a very secular, unsafe and uncouth environment, but can’t we do something to make it a diminutive bit better by having the society take control and cut out the inappropriate commercials and instead make them funny but not offensive and monitor the movies they sell on VHS and on DVD? I think that it is necessary for this change to happen because it also helps the parents and teachers control their students and or children. It would somewhat dispel the horrific images they wouldn’t want there children to see, but yet get a chance to watch what they want. It’s basically not necessary for us to ponder on this matter anymore. The society should make this change to help the world become a much better place for children to aspire in life and to prosper and grow while they live it without those kind of distractions.

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