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March 15, 2010
By Tionna Montgomery GOLD, Enumclaw, Washington
Tionna Montgomery GOLD, Enumclaw, Washington
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It’s amazing to me that people still watch the news. The “top story” is always something tragic, you can’t trust what they say about the weather, and they spend very little time talking about all the good that’s happening in the world. What’s more amazing to me though, is that they can actually get away with it.

If you watch the news, at least 90% of it is bad. They talk about rapes and murders, shootings and accidents, basically everything that’s heartbreaking in this world. Every night, they mention something about the war in the Middle East, but rarely is it anything good. It’s usually just keeping us up to date on the casualties and how deadly it’s been in the past couple of months compared to last year. It’s never about the good that’s being done over there. The news just constantly reminds us of all the bad in the world, it’s no wonder we don’t always feel safe.

I understand that sometimes we do have to hear the bad news. There could be someone dangerous near us and the only way we’ll know is if the news tells us. It also gives us a reality check. No matter where you live or what world of your own you’re in, you have to remember that the real world has dangers. Bad things happen, things you don’t always have control over, but you’re better off if you keep that in the back of your mind. But with that said, we don’t need to be beaten over the head with a ton of bad news every single day.

Honestly, what’s wrong with the world that people who do terrible things get more publicity than those who make a difference in their community? That people who take a life get to tell their story while those whose lives were taken remain forgotten? That people would actually rather be reminded of everything that can go wrong in this world than to be reminded of all the good that’s around them? What’s wrong with the world?

If there was a news program that spent more time showing us the beauty in the world and less time showing us the flaws, would more people watch it? I think so. Especially with everything that’s going on today. There’s only so many times you can hear about health care, stocks, or people from “reality” TV before you start to tune out all news, both good and bad. What we need now more than ever, is some sort of news program that tells us the stories of the people that make up this nation, this world. We need to hear about community leaders, local heroes, fighters, and survivors. I would watch a show that told us the stories that actually matter; the stories about people who can really inspire us. I would watch this show, but the question is: would you?

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