anti-depressants and teens

March 10, 2010
By lbradley2794 BRONZE, Beach Haven Park, New Jersey
lbradley2794 BRONZE, Beach Haven Park, New Jersey
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In the year 2009 teen suicide rates increased by 8 %, this is the largest increase in a single year. There are many factors that have caused this issue, such as bulling in schools and severe depression. When teens get diagnosed as being depressed most of the time they are put on anti-depressants. For some reason, anti-depressants which are used to cure depression have the opposite affect and are making the depression symptoms worse. Because of this reason, so many teens have had untimely deaths.

Why am I writing about teen suicides due to anti-depressants? The reason is I want to send out a warning to parents and kids all over the world who may have a family member or friend who is suffering from depression. Many people don’t realize that anti-depressants are the reason numerous suicides have occurred. Without previous knowledge on this object people may not look for symptoms that may lead to suicide. Warning signs for teens that are on anti-depressants or suffering from depression are complaints of feeling bad, constant personality changes, loss of interest in everyday activities, hints of running away, and words such as “ I won’t be a problem for you much longer”.

Parents’ with a child who might be suffering from depression ponder on how to live everyday life with constant worries on their mind. The thought of having a child that is suffering from this horrid disease breaks a parent’s heart. They just want to do what is right for their child but how do you know what is right for them? Giving presents and constant praise is one way to show your child you are there for them. As a present day teen I know that is not what we want from our parents. We just want to be told we are loved, no presents because money can’t buy us love. Telling your kids you love them, especially if they are depressed is the most important thing in the world. When suffering from depression you don’t feel like you are loved and that could just be the reason why suicide is present in our lives today. If there was a little more love being spread from parent to child maybe these rates will decrease.

If anti-depressants are a risk for teen suicides, why teenagers still are prescribed them every day is a question many people ask. The reason is anti-depressants aren’t meant to be bad. Anti-depressants are meant to cure symptoms of depression and mental disorders. Besides of the many risks that come along with this medicine anti-depressants can help people out. People are no longer suffering anymore from diseases because of this medication. Yes there are risks but they can be prevented. When someone is put on anti-depressants or any other medication that can cause people to harm themselves or others they should always have someone to look after them. Having a guardian with you is a good idea because they can calm you down when mood swings may occur and they have access to the phone. Access to the phone is a very important job because if you see someone who is trying to hurt themselves you can quickly stop them and call 911.

As a person who has never experienced a family member going through this issue it is very difficult to side with teens going on anti-depressants or not. Though I have found with the research I have done on this topic that it is better to not go on anti-depressants as a teenager. I feel that it is just too risky to be on anti-depressants as a teenager because teens sometimes get scared and won’t express how they are feeling. If a teen is having suicidal thoughts and they don’t tell anyone they are more likely to commit suicide. For that reason I believe that depressed teenagers should find another way to cure their depression other than going on anti-depressants.

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