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March 12, 2010
By t-bagtoad BRONZE, Rockford, Michigan
t-bagtoad BRONZE, Rockford, Michigan
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Point of view: the way you view something in your opinion, view, belief, attitude, feeling, etc. What kind of person are you? what do you want to be? Ask yourself these questions. But the real question is, who are you becoming?

my point of view is you are how you act, what you do, and what kind of decisions you make, but a lot of differences make you different from others. So wait and think about it. Do you make the right decisions? Do you act your age? stand out from the others. Don’t stay with the crowd. Break free from it and do the right thing. Okay, so you thought about yourself. Maybe you should change a few things, maybe you need a major change in your lifestyle. There can be one thing though, you will have a reflection or influence on someone one time in your life.

Reflection on how people view you, what they think of you, reflection of you o to someone younger like a sibling. Is there any one that looks up to you?Are you a good role model? you can change, but thats up to you, how your going to be. Well, to think about it, thats my point of view.

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I did this for English

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