Violence in Schools

March 11, 2010
By sexysara BRONZE, Reno, Nevada
sexysara BRONZE, Reno, Nevada
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There are over 20,000 deaths a year due to to violence (fighting) in high schools. 11, 631 students were asked if they had been in a fight in the last month and 53.3% of students said that they had been in a fight, and that it had resulted in someone having to be hospitlized. 1 in every 4 students carries a weapon with them in case they get in a fight. 1 in every 11 carries a gun. Fighting is ridiculous. It is also non-sense all it does is cause hard feelings and hurt people mentally and physically.

Is this confrontation really worth some ones life? Some die and many are hospitalized because of fights. A majority of fights break out over senseless things. One example is 54% of fights are said to start because one student has insulted another. Another is 42% are started because someone was accidentally bumped or shoved. Do these sound like reasons to take a life from someone or to put them in the hospital?

Many will say that it was self-defense, when it really wasn’t. Self-defense is to restrain the other person to prevent bodily harm to ones-self. In order for it to be self defense one must never make a fist. The hand should always be open or holding the other person back. Many times we have seen a student on top of another student and just wailing on them in the face. Many times we had heard that person say that it was just self-defense. Well I have seen it one to many times. Some fight for attention, some happen because the person is just board, or they may have issues at home. Either way they shouldn’t be fighting at school.

There are other ways to solve problems; you do not have to use your fist. We are in school and are educated. Why do students still use their fist to solve their problems? What are we cave men? I don’t think so. High schools students need to learn how to talk their problems out. We need to learn how to compromise with each other. 39% of students in high school say that they fight because they can’t control their anger, 34% say they fight because others pressured them in to it. 21% say they fight so they didn’t look like a loser. Well these students need to learn how to control their anger problems; they can’t go through life hitting every one in the face that frustrates them. Fellow students what are you doing? Peer pressuring people to fight for your entertainment is not right. Wanting to see your peers get hurt is wrong. I’m sure that I am not the only one to agree that the one fighting looks like the loser; they look…. may I dare say “trashy”. With so many people getting injured and dieing from violence inflicted by their peers this makes me feel ashamed to call my self a high school student.

These are just many reasons why I think violence (fighting) in high schools is just ridiculous. Too many have to get hospitalized, too many die from violence. What students need to do is to talk to the person of whom they have a problem with and try to figure something out. They need to learn how to work with people that they don’t like because they will have to do that in the real world unfortunately. If they absolutely can’t compromise with this person they should talk to a teacher, a parent or just a friend to help figure out a plan.

The author's comments:
Well I just really dislike violence I see no need for it especially when we are in school to learn. To me fighting is non sense and childish. I whish other students will read this and think twice about fighting. I hope they will realize how immature it really is. School is a place for learning. Remember that it is a privilege not a right, so dont blow your chance of getting a free education because of fighting.

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