March 11, 2010
By arts&crafts3 BRONZE, Powder Springs, Georgia
arts&crafts3 BRONZE, Powder Springs, Georgia
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“Friendship is a single soul dwelling in two bodies” (Aristotle). Everyone once had a best friend. They have known the feeling of having someone to confide in when things get tough or just getting a good laugh during the fun times. Some lucky few have never known the feeling of losing a best friend. If a person loses a friend for some reason or another the feeling can feel devastating.

I have been to different schools and I have always been able to adjust to making new friends. Because of the different schools I have attended, I have gained and lost friends, but there is a different feeling when you lose a best friend. I have had six friends and only two have ended negatively. I regret the way my friends were lost because they have been over ridiculous reasons.

Losing a best friend feels like you have no one to turn to or no where to go. People grow apart and go on different paths which is a part of growing up. Losing a best friend for unknown reasons leaves you lonely and wondering what happened, especially when it ends on a bad note. College can also make people grow apart especially if one friend is in high school and the other is in college. The person in high school may experience jealousy because the friend is busy, and they may feel like the other no longer has time for them. The friend in high school may move on with finding new friends, that may replace the best friend that has been busy.

I have recently lost my best friend of three years. I could rely on her for anything in the world. Towards of the end the summer she met my ex boyfriend and she asked if it was okay to date him. I no longer had any feelings for the boy so I said it was fine. Later in the week, I had a nightmare about the two of them. I told her I did not want them to continue to date. My ex boyfriend and I got into an argument, so I said it was fine if they continued to date. My best friend reassured me that they were no longer going to date. When I went to college, our friendship turned for the worse. When I would call her, she would no longer answer or reply to text. When I visited home from college for the first time, I wanted to hang out with her but she informed me that she was too busy to hang out. Later when I found out she lied to me, I told her I upset about her lying and she did not care. I asked her why she was not talking to me. She just said “people grow apart”. My other friend informed me she was not talking to me because of my ex boyfriend. I eventually accepted that I lost my best friend, but soon I found out she spread that to one of my other closest friends. I have lost two very important people in my life in less than six months. I recently talked to my ex boyfriend and I found out he did nothing for her to become angry with me. I hope I never have to go through this situation again.

Gaining a friend may make the feeling of loneliness decrease. The friend can never be replaced and the time spent together will never go away, but the having someone by your side can make you feel like everything will be fine in the end. Everyone wants a friend, but having a best friend is something that should be cherished.

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Lucyqwe said...
on May. 30 2016 at 4:10 am
I know how it feels to loose a friend. I lost some friends I knew from the first days at school. After graduation we all went our own ways and now we communicate rarely. Though there are such people we can call best friends. I can say I have such a friend as we know each other for more than 11 years. Though we live in totally different countries right now we still feel as best friends. Actually we were discussing the question of best friends and friendship on our forum and we came to the conclusion that we can't call "friends" all the people we are communicating with. It's quite a delicate question as for me.

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