March 10, 2010
By Anonymous

Today I was walking home and I had two books and a binder I was walking home with a

friend and he kindly asked me if I needed help with my books. Something like that is nice for a

girl to hear. That made my day it was a sweet thing to ask and. I was having a bad day and for a

guy to say something like that just made me feel good. Guys are treating girls with no respect.

The girls are taking it and it’s so sad that we are just letting this happen. Just hearing a guy say

that today made me realize that he may not have a good life at home, but that gives him no

excuse to treat a girl bad. That just shows that guys can do nice things for girls. That small

gesture went a long way for me. That made me think. It made me feel good that he asked me if I

needed help. Some one got attacked in our neighborhood and he walked me to my house to

make sure that I was safe. Guys don’t know but yes us girls go home and think could I by doing

better and should I set my priorities higher.

High school girls are taking so much from high school boy’s now a day’s such us guys

treating us poorly not giving us enough respect. Just the other day I was in the hall and some

guys came up and didn’t just say hi, how are you or anything like that. They just kindly came up

while I was just doing some work and started rough housing around. Women are taking it more

and more every day. I think that use teenagers especially need to set there standards higher. If

some guy comes a long and says that they like you most girls are going to go for that boy. This

guy might treat her very poorly and give her no respect but no matter what as long as he says he

likes her she will stay with him. Teenage girls need to set their standards higher. They need to

set limits what they will take and what they need from a guy. I understand if a guy wants to

rough house around that is nice sometimes and can be fun for the girl and the guy if they are

having some fun. Just keep in mind guys what if the girls father was standing right there or your

father. Would you be touching her like that? Teenage girls just fling there self around towards

guys they need to keep in mind what if there parents were standing right there. Girls need to

have more respect for themselves.

Teenage boy’s treat girls like nothing now a days. Boy’s try to act all tough and

rough house around with girls. It’s not right. Teenage boy’s are getting lazy and slacking off in

manners. Partly it is how they were raised, but also the teenager boys should realize they need to

be treating use girls with respect and treat us nice. I know it may be hard for the boys to act nice

but yes sometimes use girls would like to see that nice side of you. Guys when you are walking

to class and see a girl behind you yeah it may be nice for you to hold the door open for her. When

you are going to your car open the door for her first. Those little things can go a long ways. I

know that it may sound really cheesy, or old fashioned .I’m not saying you have to do this all the

time. If you think of it though the girl you may like or have a thing with will get sick of you

treating her bad all the time.

I would personally like it if every once in awhile. It would be nice if the guy hold the door

opened for me and then let me go before him. It would be nice if a guy came a long a treated me

with respect. I would like it if a guy would come up to me and ask me how my day was or how

ways I, not come up and pin me down to the ground or hit me. I like rough housing around it is

fun but guys need to know the fine line when to stop and when they should play around. I would

like it if I guy would be kind not all the time but showed that kind gesture, helped me carry my

books, hold a heavy bag. It may be cheesy but it is nice to have someone do some thing like that.

Not just me but a lot of girls should be saying what they want in a guy, and not let down there

guards. They need to say what they want and what they don’t want. If they will take certain

things from a guy or not. Think about there selves for once. What I need. What I want. What is

the best choice for me. I’m not saying be selfish and just expect the guy to just treat you like you

are queen of the world or anything. You need to set your standards higher though, don’t just take

them treating you bad or anything they need to treat you with respect. Don’t be selfish and just

think about me me me because there are other people in the world but you need to have respect

for your selves and have pride in your selves.

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