The Electronic Takeover

March 10, 2010
By Anonymous

Imagine a world where computers don’t exist. Essays and research papers have to be written by hand. Imagine a world where the only way of communicating with someone is by writing them a letter not a simple text message. Televisions only have thirteen channels and some of these channels are static. Living in this kind of society is unimaginable, but in reality this was the society that many people’s grandparents and parents grew up in. Electronic technology has taken over today’s society. People in today’s world cannot survive without their cell phones or computers. In society today everyone is constantly looking for a shorter and easier way through everything. The technology take over has caused people to neglect and abuse books and quality time with family.

In today’s technologic world people barely read books because they are too busy surfing the net or playing video games. Forty-two percent of college graduates say they never read another book after college. Eighty percent of U.S families have not bought or read a book in the past year. Books have the ability to take you into a whole new world, but today people are too lazy and think that reading books takes too much time and they have better things to do. Because of this books are being shortened and turned into abridged versions. People are skipping huge portions of great books just because they can get through it quicker. In today’s society people no longer appreciate great literature, they think of it as a chore and look for the fastest way to finish. People don’t want to take the time to read a great book in its entirety, instead people use or Cliff Notes to just get the basic facts of each chapter. People would rather be watching one of the thousand high definition channels on their new wide-screen TV than curled up with a good book.
People no longer have the time or care about reading further into the books; they don’t care about the symbolism or message the author is conveying. People are so focused on just getting through the book and finishing it that they really understand what is going on in the story. Also, in today’s society many are unable to comprehend some great works of literature because the words used are too advanced for many people to understand. For example, many of the modern day high school students have trouble reading Romeo and Juliet because of the language that Shakespeare uses. Today, people need these simplified versions of books because they literature and vocabulary years ago was extremely important to everyone. Today, people use shorter simpler words and are constantly abbreviating words because they are too lazy to just write the four extra letters so the word is complete. In society today people have shorten great books of literature and made them simpler to read just to get through them faster.
In today’s world, with the electronic takeover, people not only neglect and forget about books, but they also abuse quality time with their families. People are like zombies glued to computer screens, cell phones, and video games. When teenagers get home from school they run right upstairs and jump onto the computer on Facebook or Myspace or they are texting up a storm. Teenagers are no t the only ones consumed by the electronics of today. Adults are also guilty of being addicted to the electronics of today. Today, with all the technology in computers and emails adults are able to bring their work home with them and they end up locking themselves in their offices at home and not coming out. Spending time with family is vital and important for everyone. People in today’s society are replacing spending time with family members with electronics.

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