The Technology Obsession

March 10, 2010
By msv13 GOLD, New City, New York
msv13 GOLD, New City, New York
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Many start to sense that the world is coming through a narrow tunnel filled with utter chaos and technological clutter. As new inventions come to play, people say, “The world will be better now.” But will it actually be better?
The accessibility of technology may have made our lives easier, but how easy is too easy? Through technology, one can find an excess of information about a warbler to the band U2. Anything and anyone can be found through technology.
With that in mind, I don’t believe a single kid in my school doesn’t have a Facebook, Myspace, or Twitter. With this social networking site, anyone and everyone is able to connect with each other and interact from people around the world. I tend to spend up to eight hours after school on Facebook, leaving me no time to do homework or go outside with my friends. With so many exciting things right in front of me, why would I want to waste my time doing my math homework or studying for my physics test? Teens across America have to feel the same way.
For me, I can easily say: I am obsessed. Not a minute goes by without me having to check my iPhone to see incoming texts. And if I don’t check my phone right away, I get paranoid. My stomach starts to knot and nerves come up my spine and make me feel a little nauseated all because I didn’t check a text message. With my phone, I’m able to receive texts, go online, listen to music, play solitaire, and so much more. I have applications from learning how to do yoga to how to bust a rhyme. Anything possible is available through this little compact computer.

The rate at which technology is beating may cause to be a problem rather than being a benefiter. The United States emphasizes the importance of technology but I don’t believe they ever stopped to think that our country is becoming worse because of it, rather than better.
When inventions such as the cotton gin came to play in the late 1800s, lives improved. The cotton gin led to other inventions such as the advancement of electricity. However, as inventors and scientists try to further advance what we currently have, our world is down spiraling into the narrow tunnel.
Americans don’t have to lift a finger with inventions nowadays. Work is being done for them. I feel like our generation is getting dumber by the minute.
The effect of technology is a domino effect as well. With technology advancing, jobs are starting to be done by itself with no need for people. With jobs being done with machines, how are people advancing?

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