Seeing the World for the Forests

March 9, 2010
By Cesare GOLD, Sacramento, California
Cesare GOLD, Sacramento, California
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Do you know the only value life has is what life puts upon itself? And it is of course overestimated, since it is of necessity prejudiced in its own favor. [You] do not lose anything, for with the loss of yourself, you lose the knowledge of loss.

What is it that we think about when we think life? Love, work, school, friends. I do not. I am a scientist of sorts: a philosopher, as it were. I cannot see life in the way the average person does. It is appalling to me. Instead, I see the world in a cynical, unrealistic way. Why write about it? Good question.

First of all, I will say that I do NOT believe in Good and Evil. This instantly alienates me from most religions. Good is a point of view, a human phrase that means "acceptable" or "pleasing." Evil means "morally objectionable." Human definitions to things that few understand. Those few use the words Good and Evil sparingly.
Something very related is physical beauty. Nature. What irks me abominably is that people love the pretty things in life, and hate the ugly things. I often see people talk about the beautiful flowers, while I am silently appreciating a shrub or stalk of grass. They are most needed.

Physicality. It pervades our society. It is our lives. Even those who are not constantly preoccupied with their apparel and appearance are very physical. I dislike sports. They define our foolish, repetitive physical wants. One enormous part of our physical nature is emotion. Oh, how you will shout! Oh, how you will argue! It is true. It is linked to the mental, but it is physical feelings, pressures, aches, and contortions of our bodies that make up emotion. Delve behind any emotion you feel (note the word FEEL) and you will literally FEEL it somewhere in your body. What is behind this emotion?
Our impulses are adept at fooling us. We think love is real? Impulse. Reproduction. Fear? Impulse. Safety. There is a reason behind each emotion, but I will not go on about it.

Now I have defined my social beliefs. What about spiritual? Religious? I do not know if there is a god. Neither do you, and neither does anyone one this planet.If there is, he is not the Christian god. He is not all loving, and "good." He is the epitome of indifference. In that I respect him, if he exists. Anyway, I am more scientific. The universe is energy, ladies and gentlemen. Dormant energy is called "matter." Life is a delicate balance between dormant and active energy. It is a phenomenon that I am in awe of. But more than that I m in awe of existence. How did existence come to be? How did space come to be? "Nothing" is only nothing if there was something before, so what? Is this world real? Does it matter what happens? Energy will live on forever. Life will be extinguished, and will spring up again, and again in a cycle. Does my life matter to anyone, anything but me? No. And so it means nothing to me either. I take pleasure in helping others who do not think as I do, so I do it. I don't think I would be able to stand someone who thinks as I do.
My pessimism is enough.

My point of view. It realizes the blurriness and narrow-mindedness of a human, and so accepts it. Death is natural, and to fear it is to fear life. Embrace it. It will free you. Not that I believe in an afterlife. I just think that nothingness is preferable to this fake existence. Shall I go on? No. I won't. I am tired. I must rest m body in order to rejuvenate my mind. And so, life continues.

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