Summer Fun

March 9, 2010
By Anonymous

Mounds of sand surround me as I lay on the beach with the blazing sun shining down on my back. I glance up from the pages of the book that had captured my attention for the past few minutes to see the squabbling seagulls bickering over a scrap of food like two toddlers quarrelling over a desired toy. After the two seagulls settle their dispute, I turn my attention to the waves of the ocean, crashing against the innocent shore.
The mist coming off the ocean causes my body to beg for relief from the pounding sun like a thirsty man begs for a drink. After convincing myself to finish the chapter I was reading before giving into the temptation set before me to dash into the water, I turn my attention back to the pages of my book. These pages that had captivated my attention just minutes before now fail to entice me. My concentration is frequently interrupted with my preoccupation of the inviting waves from the ocean that seem to be calling my name. All I can think about is the fiery sun turning my cream colored skin to a sun-kissed tan and now, probably, painful sunburn. I feel the heat radiating from the sun as my skin soaks in its rays like water to a sponge.
I finally finish the chapter I was reading, jump up from my turquoise beach towel, and sprint towards the alluring ocean. The distance between me and the ocean closes as my feet pound against the sandy shore. The sand that had at first squished between my toes now hardened, signaling the close proximity of the water. I reach the ocean just as another wave comes crashing against the shore and I fall backwards into the coolness of the water which provides instant relief from the scorching sun. Emerging from the blanket of liquid, I taste the bitter salt water on my lips. On any other occasion, the taste would not be a welcome one, but now I hardly notice.
After a few minutes of pure enjoyment splashing around in the water, I head back to my beach towel. On the trip back, sand clings to my dampened feet refusing to release its grip. After I reach my towel, I gather my book into my hands and return once more to the enthralling mystery that lay in the folds of these pages, pleading for my attention. As I continue to be engrossed in the unfolding mystery, the scent of sunscreen fills my senses as people around me begin to reapply the cream attempting to avoid sunburn. Although to some people the clinging sand, blistering heat, and endless baths of sunscreen may seem like a hindrance, to me its just part of the experience; it’s a peaceful day at the beach.

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