Is Money Happiness?

March 8, 2010
By Dvyne Nosaka BRONZE, Fukuoka, Other
Dvyne Nosaka BRONZE, Fukuoka, Other
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"Cha-ching!" The cash register sings when the money is paid. The cashier person is happy, the machine is happy, and you are happy with a wanted item which rests in your hands. This is obviously a typical pattern at every store, whether it is a grocery store, a toy store, or a shoe store. A lot of people say that money can buy happiness. I don't fully agree.
Money can do many things for you. It is one of your most valuable possesions and is used daily. Just that one round piece of silver or that green slip has value. Money can do things like buy you a drink to buy you your own car. It's something every person views as good. It's as if there is no flaw with it.
These days, a lot of people in dirty clothing are found easily in parks and subways. They are commonly known as "homeless". What could make things better for them? What could get them food? What could get them water? There is only one answer to all of these questions: money. Without it, life will be unbelievably severe.
While some people live and earn money living happy, normal lives, some people desire money so much they technically hunt for it. They gain all they can with bribes and deals, or even worse, by murder or theft. Many years ago, a lady who had won a large amount of money in a lottery was found dead the next day. The criminal reasoned that he was after the money the lady had won. The point is that money cannot only get you happiness but, also gets you greed. People can only care about themselves along with their "best friend": money. At first, you may be an average citizen doing whatever you need to do, next you love money and almost anything else, then, before you know it, you've just stepped over the line which divides tremendous love for money and a criminal mind.
The green papers and coins can not only buy you those two bad and good qualities but it can also buy you loneliness. Why? Well, people around you can either grow jealous or just be sick of you because all you think about is wealth and riches. They just don't see the good person they saw in you anymore. Your personality can turn into a bad one and you gain all the money you've ever dreamed of, but lose a lot at the same time. It's just a severe pain which is hard to heal.
So let's say you aren't so greedy. You know the extreme value of money but are not so ravenous for it. However, if you have a limitless amount of money and keep on buying all you want, the value of money diminishes. You buy, buy, buy and you're bored. If you are used to all this consuming, the value of money will feel worthless and you will have to spend a large amount of time to find another way to be happy, to find a pleasurable activity.
What I'm trying to say is that you can enjoy happiness with money if you use it properly. If you think you don't need it, your mostly an idiot but at the same time, if you think of it evey hour and if it will be the only thing that's on your mind, it can make a great impact on your life. You shouldn't do everything in your limited amount of time and energy to earn it and hunt it down. Don't let your eyes be filled with golden dollar signs. Don't be drawn to money as easily as a moth is drawn to a lamp. If you know money is important but not as important as making it your only focus, then you are guaranteed to do fine with family, friendships and personal qualities. Don't overuse it, and don't forget its importance.

The author's comments:
The idea came from my Literature teacher. Not a mandatory idea to write about but I decided it was something worth giving some thought about.

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