March 8, 2010
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Life is being able to balance everything out, but still being able to move the scale wherever you'd like. You have to live life to the fullest. You still need to balance everything out evenly, though. Sometimes it may even seem impossible at first. But first you need to focus on the little things of life. Then you can take on the big things. However, don’t categorize life into just big and small, or good vs. bad, or even important vs. unimportant. Everything is important in its own way, as well as good or bad, or big and small. Though there is a catch to life: with every good thing in life comes a consequence. Take away every good thing, and every bad thing disappears, too, until there's nothing left. However, then there's no, well, life. So don’t just try to separate everything or get rid of all the bad, because there's goes the meaning of good. Just try to balance everything out as evenly as possible.

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