Chewing Gum

March 4, 2010
By , Rockford, MI
In my opinion, schools should allow gum in school because studies show gum helps kids concentrate. Gum speeds up your heart rate and blood just enough to wake up both sides of your brain. Chewing gum also gets rid of hunger, so it could promote healthy weight.

Scientists took a test to see if chewing gum affects test scores. One group of students’ chewed gum, the other did not. The test scores of the group that chewed gum increased by 25%. Also they tested chewing gum while reading and you read 80% faster than normal.
An issue with chewing gum in school is where the gum ends up. I think if kids threw their gum out then teachers should allow gum in school. For example, if students didn’t throw their gum in the trash and put it somewhere else, they could be punished by not being able to chew gum.

I think our school should let students chew gum because it would help improve test scores and impact learning. It would also promote healthy choices, like skipping junk food. If our school did this I think students would get better grades and promote healthy choices and help students lose weight.

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