March 3, 2010
By , Rockford, MI
Have you ever heard of people dying because of being over weight? Do you want to be one of those people? Then listen to what I have to say and remember you don’t have to be over weight.
I think everyone should play a sport or do something to stay active. If everyone stayed active we wouldn’t have such an obese country. If you worked out daily, you could eat a fast food meal once in a while like McDonalds and still not be obese. So many people are not healthy eaters, but everyone could be if you just stay active for one hour a day. So stay off those video games or off those couches and be active.
If you are over weight now you are bound to be over weight later in life. It is definitely possible to improve. All you have to do is eat healthy. That doesn’t mean sneaking in that extra cookie out of the cookie jar. If you eat that extra cookie you are only cheating yourself on not being healthy. If you want to be even healthier take a daily walk or a jog. Never forget, if you say you are trying to loose weight and you are regularly getting McDonalds to snack, or playing video games, you are only cheating yourself.

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