March 3, 2010
Grants for minors

Imagine, you are a student in late middle school or high school. You have a brilliant idea and want to make it happen, or need some resources for a project but you are broke. Therefore we come to the subject of my paper; grants for minors.

It is a known fact that civilizations advance over time. This happens because knowledge is stored, taught, perfected, and discovered. This all goes on from one generation to the next. As these civilizations advance and figure out everything that they do (or did) there becomes less for us to discover now. As each generation becomes smarter than the last there are some of us especially gifted (either specifically or generally) and yet being minors not many people actually take us seriously when we have an invention or an idea.

Now, the grant foundation that I am proposing would seriously consider all propositions it sees and give out the necessary funds, but on certain terms. (Proof that you could pay back, a co-signer, proof of project, etc.) It would allow for advancement in society as well as increasing academic opportunity for those who have struggled to find an aspect of learning that they enjoy.

As an example: A 9th grade boy has an idea for a friction reducing lubricant that could greatly increase the life of the joint or bearing it is applied to. But he has no funds to undertake the project. He could come to the grant foundation and present his idea to a committee and, if they approve, he would then get the necessary funds for research and development as well as the possibility of marketing.

I actually have the problem as described above (with a different product which I am forced (by my own self) not to tell you about as it is still purely intellectual property) and such a system as the grant foundation prescribed above I could seriously advance my ideas, inventions, and innovations.

I am actually seriously considering presenting this idea to one of our congressman to bring to national attention as I fell very strongly that this could provide many people the necessary source of funding for what they to need to innovate. Imagine how many more Ben Franklins, or Howe brothers we could have with this idea.

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