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Why does it have to be so black and white? Technology isn’t a still shot, it is a creative invention that keeps progressing to express ourselves and to communicate. What happened to the midpoint, did it disappear along with family time, and values? They say you have two choices but if that’s true I pick neither. Without technology America would be in ruins from more attacks, like 9-11. All of these sources argue either pro-technology or against it. Technology shouldn’t be a disease coursing through your body, but you shouldn’t deny that it helps.

Rules are rules we must abide by them. We set certain precedents while we are younger. In kindergarten we were told to treat. Without teachers kids wouldn’t learn. Without someone being repetitive we would never remember stuff. Computers are good, but they are good for learning, not for social values. I agree you cant learn social values on the computer, you wouldn’t remember them. The computer would tell you be nice to others, when there’s no one around you to be nice to. We learn best at school because of example. With example, you have something to set a goal against. Source A say’s, “ …Takes several years of teaching these values in school before they have accepted and internalized”(Postman 1). Learning social values from a computer would be a total mess. In life we lead by real life example, not by a scenario a computer gives.

A study at Carnegie Mellon University in source B shows that using the internet more often can lead to a drop in social skills, and can make you miserable and lonely, but that was only tested by 169 people in a certain region which is selective sampling. Yes some people get depressed, and spend less time with family. The only thing All those people should have to do is go talk to there family, call them. I would get depressed if I didn’t talk to my parents much, but I know they’re just a phone call away. Technology doesn’t cause stress, but it relieves you of it. All you got to do is make a phone call which is made easy, by owning a phone instead of sending telegrams. Listen to whatever music your in the mood for, it will help. Whenever I’m stressed I talk to my family and my friends, or listen to music. I will admit I get stressed a lot and I use the internet all the time, but there needs to be a midpoint, whether its talking to friends, family or going outside and playing.

Ok what’s the first thing you think of when you are surrounded by people you don’t know, well source E say’s you pull out your iPod and party, but how often do you go out in public and see someone using their iPod. I rarely see people using their iPods in public, except when with friends sharing music. iPods are good conversation starters and its like a massage for your brain. You listen to music to get away from stressful thoughts, when you’re alone. Although there are some people that use their iPods in public, not that many do, especially when you think about how many people actually have iPods. Maybe they just had a bad day, or they’re using their iPods cause there bored cause they have no one to talk to. iPods don’t mess up social skills; they can enhance relationships, or make new friendships.

Think of it this way your best friend moved to another place, and you still want to be able to talk to him. In this decade we use mail, but we use email, facebook, twitter, and iChat to communicate with others more often. The Internet is a place to meet new people. If you’re playing a game, aren’t you nice to others. Those people you talk to could end up as your friends. I know the Internet is also stocked with Internet scammers and rapists, but all you got to do is look for signs. I have met a few people on the Internet when I was younger, and it ended up that they went to m school, and I didn’t realize. Source C states that the Internet can offer openness, and exception, but some people are worried about looks, even though were told not to. People still make fun of people because of looks, so those people go online to get social skills, and they end up with not as good social skills.

I don’t know how long the iPod has been out, but I sure know that people love iPods. You can take it anywhere since it fits in your pocket. You no longer need to carry around CD’s. The iPod was first created for entertainment, but from this great creation, there are many other scenarios they are used for. The calculator for instance has many uses. My tutor uses his iPod as a straight edge and calculator for his work. Also, iPods have this extra bonus feature, that certain writer’s, and others don’t see. It is a called a conversation starter. In source D, it is said that, “There are also those who claim that the iPod does more to unite people than it does to divide them” (Harris 1). People talk to me about their favorite movies, and songs all the time; I know it’s not just me. You can start a conversation; with something you really feel passion for, just pull out your iPod

The use of technology should not be labeled “good” or “bad.” Everything has limits though. I love candy, but I wouldn’t want it all the time. Technology is the same. Technology is advancing faster and faster and people can get caught up in it. When not abused though technology can be a great tool for people to enjoy and share with others. I think the benefits far outweigh the minor negatives.

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