It's a hard knock life for us.

March 2, 2010
By Erika DeWard BRONZE, Belmont, Michigan
Erika DeWard BRONZE, Belmont, Michigan
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School. It isn’t fun for a lot of us. Especially if you’re different from everyone else. I’m going to tell you what it’s like being an original.
I get to school and walk through the halls by myself in the morning. I usually dress very different from everyone else. My friends always ask, “Why do you wear that?” My usual response is, “Because I wanted to.” Then they always say, “Okay?...” I never know how to answer those questions.

I get along better with guys more than girls because all of my girl friends nag at me and say not to wear something or do something, but I don’t get it because it’s never anything bad. You have no idea how annoying it gets.

My parents let me do and wear pretty much whatever I want, but there’s a limit of course. I have a good relationship with them and always tell them the problems that I face, and they always say that they understand things, but honestly, I don’t think they do. They don’t go through what I do at school and with my friends. They just aren’t me and my friends aren’t either, but that’s what I love about myself. There is only one of me in this whole world.

I’m the type of person who dyes their hair black and wears tight pants. I’m the type of person who doesn’t care what people think of me. I’m the type of person who is always being their self.

I wish everyone would be who they really are. I don’t understand why people don’t. Why would someone want to be something that already exists? Why not be original?

We always label people, even if we try not to. It’s become a habit. We always call the people who express themselves, the “Freaks” or the “Weird kids”. Usually the “Preps” call them that, but they’re just being themselves.

I feel bad for anyone that makes fun of someone else because they dress differently. I feel bad because they obviously have a low self esteem and have no idea what it’s like to be picked on or treated differently. They think they’re the best and the top of the whole school, but when they treat someone that way, they end up being the lowest and they don’t realize it. The people who end up being the highest are the ones who don’t care and just laugh about it. They are socially successful.

Some of the coolest people you could ever meet usually end up being the people that are treated differently, because they are mature and know how not to treat someone because of the way they are treated.

A word of advice, don’t treat someone differently by the way they look. Or, the “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” It is so true because they could end up being your best friend in the future. It’s happened to me and it’s bound to happen to you too.

The author's comments:
I hope people realize they should be themselves and if who they really are is someone other people wouldn't like, then the people who don't like you aren't worth talking to or being friends with. If you be who you really are then your true friends will come along. And you also shouldn't judge someone for being different. They're just being themselves just like everyone should.

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