Teen Pregnancy

March 2, 2010
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Would you like to be 16, and have a kid of your own to worry about? You would have alot of responsibilites to worry about at such a young age. Also you're only in highschool, and you aren't very reponsible then. You have to remember to feed the baby, change the baby, and clean up after them.That would be a very hard life, Most girls who do get pregnant drop out of school. That's why we need to prevent teen pregnancy, because statistics are getting higher and higher.

Did you know that one in every three girls, will get pregnant before the age of 18?
Every year 750,000 girls under the age of 18 will be pregnant, nation wide.
Also Two in three girls that do end up pragnant before graduating high school, will not graduate because either they cant concentrate good enough on there school work or keeping there grades up. Also they probably think that it will be easier to just give up, and drop out.

Being so young, and having a baby comes with alot of repsonsibilites and decisions. So why has it become such a popular issue? We all know the true reason, but if we all know its bad then why arent we being more aware about it? Yeah, you will get attention from people and you might think it will get you friends, but is it really worth it? Teen's may think that they can handle it, but they dont realize how hard it is till they have the child. Teaching Sexual Education in school really isn't helping enough anymore, we need to try more and prevent teens from screwing up there life. Some things we can do are parents can talk to there kids more about it, and tell them how it will change there life and how hard it is or School's can try and do more. But whatever they can do, because we need to do more than what we are doing now.

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