Tune In Not Out

March 2, 2010
By Alexander Antonakis BRONZE, Rockford, Michigan
Alexander Antonakis BRONZE, Rockford, Michigan
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The time is 11:15 a.m. Jonathan is sitting in science class listening to Mrs. Smith lecture on the cause and effect of global warming. “This is so boring”, he said to himself. “Time to check in with Michael.” Jonathan slowly takes out his cell phone and secretly begins to text his friend a message. “Hey Michael”, he writes, “I am looking forward to meeting you after school at McDonalds!” “This science class is so boring!” “I bet it is”, Michael replies. “Hey, do you know what the quadratic formula is?” “I’m taking a math test right now and I could use some help!” Jonathan looked around to see if any one was watching him. Mary, sitting next to him, was slowly adjusting her I pod. They both looked at each other and smiled. This is an example of what students use their cell phone for: to cheat. Also they use their I-pods to tune in to their favorite music and tune out their teacher.

Technology has had a positive impact on our daily lives. Trains, cars, refrigerators, and microwave ovens, are just a few examples of the many inventions that have made our lives easier. Today we have the I-pod and the cell phone. Two new members of the high tech family designed to make entertainment and communication fun and fast. Unfortunately they have caused many problems concerning our young people and their use in schools.

Several new and disturbing discoveries have been made about the misuse of cell phones by young students. They are using them to cheat, blackmail, and humiliate other students. During tests, exams, and quizzes, students are secretly texting their friends for answers. According to one survey, one third of students who own a cell phone use them to cheat. Cell phones cause a disturbance when their ring goes off during class, breaking concentration. Studies have shown that this disturbance causes a twenty-five percent drop in grade points. Cell phones can be a very dangerous weapon in the hands of those students who like to bully others. They use them to blackmail, spreading false rumors and displaying embarrassing photos.

The purpose of school is to learn and help develop people into useful members of society. It is important for students to sit and listen quietly while the teacher is lecturing. Any distractions, such as secretly texting with the cell phone or tuning into the i-pod causes students to miss valuable information that might be on a test or quiz. Cheating with the cell phone is much too tempting. Texting and listening to the I-pod during class time is disrespectful to the teacher and distracting to other students. There is a proper time and place for the use of cell phones and I-pods. Not during school hours, but afterwards when necessary.

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