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March 1, 2010
By dukered2 BRONZE, Rockford, Michigan
dukered2 BRONZE, Rockford, Michigan
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Some parents think that their kids, even if they are fourteen years old, shouldn’t play video games. Parents worry video games cause their children to behave badly in social situations, especially at school. Some parents restrict their children from watching any type of violence on television or movies as well for this same reason. I find that some kids that play T (teen) rated games but are not allowed to play M (mature) rated games can behave worse than kids that are allowed to play any type of games.

I am a kid that is allowed to play most games, as is my friend, and I feel that we are better behaved than most kids my age at school. I don’t think it’s the video games that will cause these kids to be badly behaved. I personally think its how they are raised that has a contributing factor in their behavior, not what they see on tv, in the movies or in video games. Sure, violence plays its part but home life and parenting mold their behavior more than anything.

I also think that without any exposure to the real world, for example mild violence on the news even, kids might overreact when faced with this. Having seen some violence in video games and movies, it helps me deal with real life issues a little better. I’m not saying violence is good, I just don’t think the video game violence is causing all the trouble people are hyping it up to be.

The author's comments:
I wrote about this topic because I feel strongly that violence isn't caused entirely by playing video games. I hope that comes across in my article.

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