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March 1, 2010
By cochi BRONZE, Rockford, Michigan
cochi BRONZE, Rockford, Michigan
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"remember kids, don't try this at home, go to a friend's house"
-Ratchet Deadlocked

There has been an enormous problem with people today. Our world wants the easy way out, we want to take shortcuts, we perform only what’s expected of us, and that’s not much. I hope to change your mind, and help you go above and beyond what is expected of you.

If you perhaps take the easy way out, you won’t get the rewards. You won’t meet new people, try new things, have fun doing it, or anything. I myself often wish I had reached out more. I feel that if I had risked getting to know people more, I could have reached out to them more. You won’t end up with the attitude, the personality, or the knowledge you need, unless you work hard.

But to do this, you need to leave for a mysterious land, where you may or may not have been. That’s right, it’s that dreaded space outside of your comfort zone. You need to expand your horizon, and take risks, if you ever want to do the unexpected, and share what God gives you the opportunity to.

So you think you’re too young to make a difference. You know, when our first president George Washington entered the military, he was a teenager. Teens have captained ships, healed the sick, and a bunch of other stuff, too. That’s not to little kids and adults have changed things as well. Anyone can accomplish amazing things if they put their mind to it.

Step one: start small. You can volunteer, help out a friend, anything you can think of. But while you do that, start to step out of your comfort zone. Perform tasks you normally wouldn’t, without being asked to, and go beyond what you take as comfortable, easy, normal, or repeated for you.

Step two: get people involved. Organize events, start a team, or even have a friend volunteer with you. The whole idea is to get people involved, and get them to change. Sometimes, you can skip step one by either being the friend, or dragging a friend with you from the start. Just remember, the whole point is to get others involved.

Step three: repeat. After you’ve finished with one service, start over with another. That way you’ll always be able to expand your little personal bubble of safety, and you can always have someone to reach out to. There are billions of people on the face of the earth, and you’ll probably only come into contact with two to three hundred, if I’m right. All I ask is that you make an effort to change most of their lives for the better.

So, to summarize, you should try things that challenge you. You’ll meet new people, change their lives, and be a better person for it. The thing is, you can never say, I can try anything and it won’t make me uncomfortable. If you keep expanding your comfort zone, you’ll never be alone, and you won’t be as sad.

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