It's Not A Choice

March 8, 2010
Homelessness. With the economy being so bad, there is alot of homeless people. Some hold signs and some just starve. A few months ago I spent some time with a few homeless guys and they completly changed my look on homelessness. It is not always a choice of not wanting to work, but not being able to. One of the men I met was a war vetran and was to sick from the war to work. But people will look at him and say he is lazy, and won't give them a second glance. Ever since then I give to what ever food banks or homeless shelters I can, even while I was homeless for awhile, everytime I saw a salvation army worker, I would beg my mom for some change to help. So homelessness, isn't a choice but what some very unfortunate people get stuck with. So next time you can't get the newest gadget, just feel lucky you even have a roof over your head. Because not everybody is that forunate.

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