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February 25, 2010
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There are so many problems surrounding the typical teenager these days and I cannot help thinking why? If only I had a button, a simple little button, that I could just push whenever I wanted and immediately all these teenage problems would disappear. It is very similar to turning off a television; just a simple push of a button and the screen turns off instantly. That is what I want my button to do.

I want my button to turn off all the drama that floats down the halls following each person as if it were a shadow, a very cruel shadow who wants to make our lives more complicated. Drama causes friends to turn to enemies, relationships to end badly, and people to resent each other. It causes hurt, sorrow, isolation, everything in the plays it is used in. Drama is a big part of plays and in my opinion that is where it should stay, which is why using my off button I will make it disappear.
My button will cause heartbreak to be nonexistent. No more will people be faced with the crippling power of heartbreak that brings you spiraling into a violent breakdown. Never will someone be forced to lock themselves away crying desperately for their love lost. I forbid memories to be forcefully hidden away, too painful to remember because of their connections to the person who caused this heartbreak. My button will erase heartbreak sparing everyone of the horrible aftereffects.

Pain inflicted by other people will cease to exist due to my button. Physical pain caused by weapons such as guns and fists will have no feeling. Pressing my button will push all physical pain from the body. Sicknesses such as cancer will disappear instantly, and having to go into surgery will not be necessary because pushing my off button will fix everything leaving behind a healthy, happy person. People being mentally abused by comments or people being bullied will no longer need to wonder why they should bother living. My button will make them realize that they are special to God and no person can make them feel otherwise. The off button will turn off all feelings of pain and hurt and only leave behind happiness and health.
Anger that clouds many people’s eyes will soon be erased because of my button. Pushing my button will cause problems to be resolved and violence to be thrown out the window. Anger will never be able to control anyone’s actions or cause them to hate. Anger will dissolve in front of my eyes as I push my off button, releasing everyone from its terrible claws.

Emotions are in us for a reason. We are supposed to feel the effects of drama, we are supposed to feel heartbreak, pain, anger, jealousy, sorrow, and many more emotions people feel on a daily basis. These emotions are what make us who we are. Some people do not feel sorrow for what they have done, such as people that have murdered others, because they don’t feel this emotion they do horrible things because they do not feel the guilt that they should. Emotions make you a stronger person, a better person. If we were without emotions there would be many more murders, many more people going suicidal, we would basically be empty shells walking around like robots. We need to feel love for each other even though it causes heartbreak. We need to feel anger or we would not learn to forgive. It is definitely hard sometimes to feel these emotions and it would be great to have a button that could magically turn off these feelings, but it would only cause worse problems. Wishing for an off button is a wish many people have made, but we all know deep down it is an impossible wish.

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heerro said...
Dec. 31, 2011 at 10:59 pm
that doesnt make any sense
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