I believe the stupid stuff we do makes the best memories

February 24, 2010
When I think about all my memories, I know the ones that I remember the best are the ones of when I did stupid things.
One of my favorite memories from 3 years ago, summer before freshman year, my best friend and I were really bored. We decided to climb a poison oak covered hill near our school. We dressed in the most disgusting clothes we could find in her closet—snow gloves, old jackets, and jeans with long soccer socks. We looked like idiots, but it didn’t matter.
Standing at the base of the hill we looked up to the flag pole at the top, our destination. While we climbed under the barbed wire and began our journey up.

At the top we had a beautiful view of our small town. A flag didn’t hang on the flap pole, a tarp did. Being stupid, we took the tarp off and agreed to ride it all the way down the hill. The ride down was super fun, but unfortunately when we got home we realized we both had poison oak all over.
Stupid. I know, right?
Freshman year I had this really awesome English teacher. He was my favorite teacher like ever. And his partner projects were the best. My best friend and I always worked together. The commercial project was the greatest! We made a stupid commercial about a Friend in a Box. :] Everyone thought that was the best commercial ever and we got an A.
I remember dressing up in a pair of purple pants, a pink sweatshirt, and a Tabasco apron. This must sound r*****ed. But my friend dressed up as a man named Melvin Erdstein by wearing her brother’s shirt stuffed with more clothes so she would look fat along with some weird pants and a fishing hat. We sat there in from of the camera and made the most stupid and funny commercial ever.
Next stop, sophomore year in high school; I pulled an all-nighter with three of my friends. We dressed up in wild outfits and sat in her sister’s room and played Wii. No…we got addicted to Mario Karts Wii game. Yelling and screaming at each others characters.
I can’t believe we got so into the game.
Her brother decided to take a video of us to show how crazy we were. It was hilarious to watch. But then we realized that we could watch it on the Wii. So we did. Then, at the end we noticed that we could watch it backwards. So we made five backwards videos which we called the SECTOR.
Great memories. And many more to come.
Now do you understand what I mean when I say “I believe that the stupid things in life that we do make the best memories”?
Now you should think back to all your memories…which ones are the ones that you remember the most clearly?
I bet I can guess. The randomly stupid ones…right? :]

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