February 22, 2010
Men are generally still a little afraid of the dark, though the witches are all hung, and Christianity and candles have been introduced. What Thoreau meant remains true: people fear vacant company. Their fear has been accommodated by religion (morals), society (ha), love, fear itself, loathing, wealth, "natural" enhancement…commodities. Isolation is immunity. Seclusion is sought commodity. Inclusion is forced complacency. Isolation is willful finality.

Inclusion, seclusion, and isolation relay the spectrum. Strive to belong, to become, not to be, to signify nothing: purport inclusion. Inclusion doles roles among men, deals death within, identity resembles vocal Latin: extinct and useless. Seclusion posits sham. Those seeking seclusion mirror achieve inclusion with the currency of morality. Isolation requires thought and no boundaries (society, morality, convenience). Isolation is not attached, rather sought by those with life from those without. Alienation rewards conscious and frees from the cortex enclosing existence.

Barriers and restrictions quell aspirations and convictions.

The mind of an isolationist portrays fluctuation. One that does not align ceases to fear self. An isolationist accomplishes accord of the mind and body demonstrating the power of will against conformity and commodity. One can reason from all visages in this state that lacks bias due to isolation. Men of isolation contemplate further than men of conformity upon a larger radius of information. Such an advantage not only benefits the isolationist but should he (gender bias) reveal his data he can enact in some the spark leading to their isolation and abandonment of the hive. Isolationists do not contribute for others betterment. Isolationists reside in and of themselves.

For none and for all, yet few stagnate, most abide. A man could drown in his search for inclusion. The water (when entered) sops encasing civilization within a bauble. No current exists, thus no exertion and no will must be exhibited to flow. Man enjoys convenience. Test the waters. Do not test the waters. Man sinks, sinks, sinks, sinks, sinks until the abyss consumes him. Man has found his place among nothing. Man has found his place, and so have men. His isolation: their subsistence, my isolation: their presence. Men tread water because they lack the will to power. Men coil around the isolationists embedding enslavement.

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