Same Sex Marriage

February 21, 2010
Everyone nowadays is either full on for it or totally against it. Can't we find a peaceful balance? We all have the right to be loved, but some want to control who it is that loves us. They want to take away our GOD-GIVEN right. We need to think - if they are getting married they most likely want children. And they would be encouraged to adopt from Haiti or China, which could help third world countries' situations. We could say that those against same sex marriage are being discriminative because they don't know what it's like to be head-over-heels in love with someone who shops in the same section of the GAP as you. And seeing to men or women walking down the street hand in hand isn't hurting you, if you accept it it's actually helping you by lessening the blow if your son, brother or even husband turn out to be homosexual. Being married means you'll most likely only be having intercourse with your life partner, therefore preventing the spread of AIDs as apposed to being single. So you can eennie-meenie-mynie-mo pick a state, province or even a whole country and ban same sex marriage, but you know it's not going to help anyone. Weddings cost money and spending money keeps the economy going. And maybe you can learn to think the next time you pass a law that's useless or just plain stupid. Being homosexual is mainly based on men, but even with women it's fine, it doesn't hurt any living soul, so why do you want to forbid it?

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