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February 15, 2010
By samsams GOLD, Bentonville, Arkansas
samsams GOLD, Bentonville, Arkansas
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The internet is the most fascinating advance towards a brighter future the word has ever seen. Everyday life has begun to evolve around the use of computers for undemanding tasks to researching for a cure. With the internet now offering trillions upon trillions of different websites you can find almost anything rapidly. The new search engines the internet is using helps the American public and even the world to find shocking news, significant ideas, and even a way to communicate with family or even soldiers oversees. With all the great advancement we could most definitely say that the internet is by far today’s evolution.

Since the creation of the World Wide Web in 1990 by Tim Berners-Lee the internet has come a long way. The idea of the internet started out in the early 60’s, and from there it skyrocketed to vast advancements. On a sketchy estimate it took the radio 38 years to meet 5 million users, 13 for television, and only five for the internet. Only 30 years after the idea for the internet started Tim Berners-Lee developed the World Wide Web, and 5 years later the internet was in high demand in the American public.
A year may seem like a long time but in the world of technology that is a massive leap towards the future.

The first popular web browser was released in 1993. The name of this browser was Mosaic. Mosaic created a huge explosion in America’s internet promotion. More users started to use the internet for everything. After more users started to demand more the internet was forced to meet these demands. As the internet gains new ideals and a wider but stronger base of information and facts the world is starting to see what it can really do for us. In 2005, everywhere around the world was using the internet. At that time the internet was approximately 65% Non-English, 35% English, with Chinese comprising approximately 14%. Even with all that the internet was used by only around 812 million users that year. On December 4th, 2005 North America had the highest continental absorption of users reaching around 70%.

As you can see from the early 60’s to today the internet has overcame and achieved immense obstacles. With new programs being developed and old programs being renewed we have come a very long way. The internet is always changing and it shows us just how much of tomorrow’s evolution it is becoming. By the time of the next generation the internet will most definitely be tomorrow’s evolution.

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