February 11, 2010
I remember in grade. 5, when i came to a new school. I was terrified, i had searched all over trying to find the perfect school with no drama, but the reality is there was no such thing.

It seems that girls are acting like teenagers now and if your not 'hot' enough, then you aren't in , which is called a 'circle'.

What is happening within our society? These young girls think that they can just roam around and act like what they want.

Well we need to stop this cruelty that goes within our society because if we dont stop it. The next generations to come are going to be even worse.

People need to start rising up together, and stand for whats right instead of trying to find ways to fit in, while other try to solve weight problems and fashion in which has been called a 'problem'.

And the fact is, everyone if different, and everyone is equal.
Let's stop this discrimination.

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chick-a-dee-wasaga-3 said...
Feb. 20, 2010 at 10:04 pm
This is just my first article, so its not really good , lol. :)
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