Stay True to Yourself

February 10, 2010
By , Ordway, CO
Magazines, television, radios, movies, celebrities, the entire media; these are all contributors to the beauty industry. “I want to look like that” Those are words that have entered several people’s minds and left their lips. I, myself, have said those words, not once, not twice, but every day of my life. I do not want to talk all about my own insecurities, but I will use them to help get my point of view across; be comfortable in your own body.

I am 17 years old. I am five feet and one inch in height. I wear size three in pants and size medium in shirts. This little description of me should tell you I am a very petite girl. But, in my eyes, I am fat because I am not a size double zero like I was my freshman year. I use to brag about being only eighty-seven pounds. I was quite proud of it. To me, I was a model’s size…and I was. I looked great, well I thought so, but I felt miserable. Every minute of my day, I was thinking about food and what it would do to my weight. By now, you should probably be thinking she’s bulimic or anorexic. You’re right. I was. Everyone knew it, but never said it. I thought I was fooling them, but I was only trying to fool myself.

The truth is, I was and somewhat still am, obsessed with the ‘it’ look. I woke up two hours early everyday to pretty myself up for school. Why? Because I want to look like what most people want to look like. I wanted to be like the girls on the cover of Seventeen. I wanted to have the body of Carrie Underwood. I have allowed myself to be swallowed by the media frenzy; as have many of you. Most people walk around judging others or themselves on how fat they or how ugly they are. It doesn’t matter! You are beautiful! There is a difference between taking care of yourself and keeping yourself up to what makes you feel confident. We all come in different packaging. Think of it this way, we are all gifts or presents, if you will. Some people decorate with bows and ribbons and pretty paper. Others just use plastic bags from Wal-Mart or a little sticker with a name. No matter the look on the outside, the gift could be what you have always wanted or more satisfying than any bow or ribbon could make it look.

My point of view and personal aspect as well as advice to all those out there who know what I am talking about or feel the same way would be to be yourself. Stay true to yourself and know that we are all our own individual beings who come in all shapes and sizes. Be happy with who you are and how you look. Look into the mirror and do not be ashamed. Tell yourself how beautiful you are and your confidence will no longer be absent.

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