The Art of Flaws

February 13, 2010
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My opinion is an opinion that leads to another opinion that intertwine with other opinions which leads to conflicts of opinions and everything that is the falsehood of a lie and one hundred percent guaranteed truth. An opinion can never be wrong, it can never be a lie; it's always right. The opinion of flaws is a ruthless topic, lucky for me I know about flaws and the flaws in other people and the flaw I don't have, because they are gone. Then again a new flaw comes in, but they will leave too. What I like about flaws is how much they can bring out of a person and how much they can impact a person and how they handle a situation in their worst appearance. Present yourself for all your worst critics to see. Let's see how exactly you do that, and let the downfall begin. A flaw is defined as: defect or weakness in a person's character. So you say everyone has a weakness? Well not entirely but a person without a flaw is not perfect either. That's the flaw in perfection, there is no such thing as perfect. Imperfect perfection is the correct definition of perfect. Any who the flaw points out the insecurity, the downfall, the irate/hostile person on the inside. Even the people close to them couldn't see it, nor handle it. It's funny how many people don't notice that. You think you really know someone until the flaw is out in the open and then their gone. Everything you've done for them, every conversation, and all the time spent together means nothing in this tragedy of a flaw and downfall. Why I care about this opinion of flaw? Because I bring that out in people. Call me an a-hole, loser, a kid with no friends all you want but that is where you gain respect because really what I am doing is bringing the worst of people out so they can fix and patch it up and turn their life around. Suddenly more words are wanted, other people's flaws are wanted to be known, and everything fits in a circle which leads to flaws. It might not make sense to you if your reading this but it all works out. I don't do it for entertainment neither. I do it because I can. I'm not insecure about anything, no matter how hard you try to get to me, you won't have anything against me. The only person that can hurt you is the person you care most about, that's my flaw. And when they're gone, dead, then the downfall begins. A change is needed. Let someone new in my life and there is my flaw.
Flaws degrade confidence, or worsens the lack of confidence since the confidence was not there to begin with. It upgrades the truth, the lies, the honesty definitely declines because every excuse is being used to avoid the whole conflict of your flaw. The reality is chilling how much a flaw can do damage to someone. Once the flaw is conquered and secured, everything will flow free, no worries will be worried, no tears will be shed and your confidence will sky rocket to the sun and just burn with overconfidence, but the good kind of overconfidence. Drugs are the biggest flaw of anybody. Especially my friend who I will not name. Oh so you are all depressed, sad and nothing is going right? So go to drugs why don't you? That will help a lot, stimulate your mind, screw with your head and yet when the world knows how you handle your problems it will just eat away at you until you rely on those drugs too much. It may be irrelevant but then again everything is relevant. Get high as the sky, let everyone dig you to the ground. Don't blame anybody but yourself. The kid telling you to change your style and how you handle things is trying to help no matter how much of a loser you think he is. Don't say he ruins everything because you ruin it. Don't blame him, blame yourself. Reality is really a piece of work isn't it. If your boyfriend leaves you, get over it because if you don't everyone will use it against you. That's a flaw. A flaw could be anything; good or bad. You think you're the nicest kid ever and yet you don't realize you get walked all over, that is your flaw. You're the smartest kid in your school and yet you let everyone feed off of you and you can't defend the things you work hard for, that is your flaw. You read this whole thing and think I'm an idiot, that's your flaw because you know it's true.
Be yourself, that's all everyone ask of. Show those guts, speak up, hold your own and you won't go wrong. Only you can make yourself.

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