Would you like Fries with that Disease?

February 13, 2010
By BalloonMuffin GOLD, La Mirada, California
BalloonMuffin GOLD, La Mirada, California
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Morgan Spurlock created a documentary titled, "Super Size Me." Morgan planned to eat all three meals from McDonalds only. His doctor reccommended him to stop, but he succeeded in consuming the junk food for an entire month. Not only did the documentary consist of doctor visits and eating junk food, but he included children too. He asked a child, "Who is this?" The child replied, "George W. Bush?" and Morgan revealed the picture of Jesus to the camera. Although, when he presented a picture to the children each one recognized Wendy's and Ronald McDonald's face.

Consumers of McDonalds do not realize the health risks of themselves and children. They also do not realize that McDonalds is harmful to the environment and also cruel to animals. As a pedestrian said, "The world won't change, so you have to." If consumers stop eating at McDonalds, then they won't be part of all the gross tactics that is caused by McDonalds.

McDonalds is a multi-billion dollar company. On McDonald's FAQ page, it states, "We serve approximately 9 million pounds of fries a day." That is more than the population of Israel. In the Faq it also states, "We have more than 31,000 restaurants around the world in 118 countries." This means consumers spend billions of dollars at McDonalds every day. McDonalds then spends billions of dollars advertising on billboards, TV, radio stations, magazines, and online. They also spend money to keep supplying themselves with the food, packaging, and toys.

McDonalds has done their fair share of destroying the environment. According to John F. Banzhalf, former McDonalds co-chief US management, McDonalds uses 800 square miles of forest to supply themselves with paper for only a single year. Thats about a quarter of the united states. He also points out that McDonalds claims to recycle its waste, but only a tiny percent is. According to EnviroCensus- 2007, As citizens walk through Manhattan there is litter everywhere and about one- third of it is from a fast food restraunt most likely McDonalds. So, the effect of McDonalds is all over the nation and many parts of the world.

McDonald's is a part of buying from factory farms. According to the website FactorySanctuary.com and a book, Skinny B****, the "farming" is none like the green pastures and vast lands that pop in someone's head. In fact, cows, chickens, and pork suffer to someday become a part of McDonald's menu. The poor cattle are bred and grow up in tight spaces with thousands of other cows solely to be eaten. The cows are always sick in these horrible conditions, so the "factory farmers" give them doses of antibiotics often. Since factory farms like to sell more for less of their own convenience, they fatten the cows as much as they can and slaughter them as quickly as possible. The cows are first fattened up with grain and steroids then sent to an area to be killed.

Some say that cows are killed fast and less painfully. Actually, they paralyze the cow, so the animal doesn't injure the workers. However, these cows are still consious and feel themselves being literally torn apart limb from limb. The pigs are treated the same way as well as the chickens. Pigs' teeth and feet are sliced off, so the employees aren't injured during the slaughtering process. In an episode of "Dirty Jobs," Mike Rowe is actually sent to a factory farm to deal with the baby chicks. His job is to check each and every baby chick on a conveyor belt to check if it is either female or not. The females are the ones who can actually breed and contain more fat, so the male baby chicks are often thrown away.

After destroying some of earth an animal abuse, there is still one wrong characteristic from McDonalds. It is the food. In the documentary, "Super Sizer Me," Morgan Spurlock and a lawyer searched throughout many McDonalds and barely any had a nutritional value chart available. Even though that was about 10 years ago and we can check online, the chart is still vague. When one looks at it, it seems harmless, but its not the calories or trans fats that is really important. It's the ingredients and tactics that the food was put through. The lettuce in a burger at McDonalds is treated with 12 different chemicals according to a journalist in a kid's magazine. The chemicals keep the lettuce leaf crispy, the right color, and last enough time. It might as well be a piece of plastic. The meat that came from the factory farms is fat, meat, and other chunks of the animal that was thrown in a processor. The minced meat is sold as the chicken nuggets, burgers, and e.t.c. Don't forget that the cow meat contains steroids and antibiotics. Plus, the meat is staying inside the freezer in the back of McDonalds, so they need more chemicals to preserve it. According to Kelly Brownell, PhD Yale university- Eating, weight, and health disorders, McDonald's foods cause heart disease, diabetes, Dyslipidemia, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, Sleep Apnea, arthritis, Blount's Disease, respiratory problems, liver damage, and stroke.

Overall, as consumers should discontinue their purchase at McDonalds restaurants or any other fast food places. It is negative for the environment, horrid to the animals, and worst of all, atrocious to the human health.

The author's comments:
I walked in a McDonalds and felt sick to my stomache. I wanted to know the truth about McDonalds. Then my Language arts teacher assigned us an essay.

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